One Summer

Bella Quinn just turned 18 and is super excited to have freedom. She immediately takes a summer trip with 3 of her good friends to a hotel near a beach in California. Bella knows that there will be plenty of good looking boys who will come across her path, but what she doesn't know is how hard she'll fall for one.


5. Spa Day

The bottle lands on the guy sitting next to Dan. The guy wasn't as cute as Dan, but this a golden opportunity. I walk over to him and sit on his lap, making sure Dan sees my every move. I press my lips against the guy's thin lips and we tongue hard. It isn't really fun for me, but I enjoy teasing Dan.


"Ughh I have a headache!" Ashlyn wobbles into the kitchen where the rest of us are pouring our cereal.

"We all do." Ky says, rubbing her eyes.

"Can we just relax today?" Aubrey asks.

"Sure, maybe theres a spa nearby." I say. I tell Siri to find a spa near us. Thankfully, theres one about 7 miles away. We don't hesitate to get ready and start heading for the spa. It doesn't take long to get there.

The spa is huge and smells like lilac and vanilla.

"May I help you ladies today?" The woman at the front desk says. Her voice is soothing and slow.

"Can we get the full body package?" Kylie asks trying to mimick her voice.

"Of course. That comes with a full body massage, a facial, and a half hour in the steam room." She types something in on her computer.

"Perfect!" Ky smiles and hands the woman her credit card.

We all follow a lady to the steam room.

"You'll be visiting the steam room first to relax your muscles. You can change into your robes in the changing rooms." She hands us all white robes. "But first I'm going to have to collect your cell phones so there are no distractions." 

I change pretty quickly and enter the steam room where all of my friends are already relaxing. Us four are the only people in there.

"This is amazing." Ashlyn sinks into her seat.

"Best vacation ever." Aubrey closes her eyes.

"I can't wait for the massages. I saw a few cute guys working in the massage room." Kylie smirks.

"I already have my sights set on someone." Ashlyn sighs.

"Me too." Aubrey says, referring to her boyfriend at home.

"Bells and I can still hit on them, right Bell?"

"Um, yeah, sure." I really don't want to worry about boys today. I just want to clear my mind and relax.

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys. i have a surprise!" Kylie smirks again. "A long time ago, I won 6 tickets to see Kesha in Vegas! It's in two days. You guys wanna go?"

"Oh my gosh, yes!" Ash sits up and smiles really big.

"6 tickets? Theres only 4 of us." I say.

"I'm sure we can find somebody else to go with us." Ky says.

The lady comes into the steam room a few minutes later and tells us that its time for massages. 

We get separated into four different rooms with four different masseuses. My masseuse looks kind of familiar, but I can't put my finger on who it is.

I lay down on the table with my robe on. 

"Hey, I remember you." He says. I knew he was familiar.

"From where?" I look up at him, but I can't see his face very well because the room is dark and light by a few candles.

"The party last night. That was pretty crazy." Now I know who he is. He had to kiss Ashlyn when he spinned the bottle.

"Oh, yeah." I lay my head down and he puts his hands on my back. For about five minutes, I let him massage my back in silence, until he begins to get lower, and lower...

"Can you do my shoulders, please?" I ask. This is really uncomfortable.

"I already did them, babe." His hands make their way to my butt, and I squirm. "Stay still, you're fine."

"You're making me really uncomfortable." I sit up. 

"Lay down, babe."

"No." I stand up and look around the room. Suddenly, I see something light up in the corner. Our cell phones. I need to get out of here. 

I grab my phone and exit out of my room. Aubrey's room is just across the hall, so I attempt to go in there first. It's locked. So is Kylies and Ashlyns.

I see the masseuse guy walk up behind me.

"You need to get back in the room, ma'am." He commands. I search desperately through my contacts for someone to come pick me up. There's only one person who could possibly come.

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