I owe you


2. Music practice

Georges P.O.V.
After I helped Lilly to the nurses room she immediately layed down on the couch where many sick pupils had sat before. I hate that couch. She looked so cute with her eyes closed, probably pretending to be asleep. She would always do that to avoid people's sympathy after she got hurt. That was one of the many things I loved about her. Ever since I met here, in seventh grade, I was completely, utterly, hopelessly, in love with her. "Lilly Amelia Tansy! If you do not wake up I will have no choice but to kiss you, full on." What did I just say. Her eyes, to my disappointment fluttered open and jumped up to lye against the wall. REJECTED! I drowned out that small annoying voice in the back of my head. The nurse walked in with a phone, bandages, pills and tissues. "Do you need to go to the hospital, seeing as what happened was quite serious although you could stay here?"
Lilly pulled a quizzical face before replying. "I'll stay, for my music test especially!" She was always in love with music but not as much as her love for food. You'd think she'd be fat but her aunt has her doingdnace things to keep her healthy.

The school nurse gave Lilly all her medication and treatments before we both headed back to class.

Lilly's P.O.V.
Our next class was history and since we had one direction we could be sharing classes with them which meant new seeting arrangements. I hope they're not in my classes, after all with me spending so much time doing my music, I spent less time with other subject, screaming girls will not help. Mr. Otaway was a great teacher and hopefully understand my pain. With out realising it, my fingers were intertwined with Georges. We both looked down before quickly releasing our hands.

We entered the history class to see girls huddling over to my seat. So they're in this class. Please just be one of them. I was wrong. Niall was sitting right next to the door while in my seat was....well I couldn't see because of the crowd of girls. "Mr. Otoway, where do I sit?" I already knew but if I tried to get in through the crowd, I'd be pummled. He averted his eyes from his book 'Interesting facts about gardening' (Mr. Otoway was the youngest teacher in the school and most girls had a crush on him. To me he was more of a dad. "Girls please close your mouths, there are flies in this room and your also drueling on Lilly's desk, if she could even get to her desk." They all hesitantly walked back to their original places leaving an overly perky Louis waving at me. Isobel had told me about him. She says he is the most weird and exitable member of one direction. 'Be nice to him remember!' She told me before the incident in assembly. So I walked over to my desk putting on my most realistic smile. Our teacher then thought he should let us mingle a bit but only to the people next to us. Half of the room complained because a very few amount of people actually liked who they sat next too. "Hi, I'm Lilly!"
"Louis!" He beamed up at me. "Haven't I...seen you before..." I felt like a criminal in the middle of an interrogation. "Err...well I'm not sure..." He kept staring at me with his eyebrows burrowed. "OH!" He exlaimed loudly and happily before bursting histerics. This guy really is weird...And Isobel said I was like him. "So you remember huh?" He nooded eagerly at my answer, like a five year old. I couldn't help but giggle "You're like the only person to stare at us normally in a long time." Oh so they thought I was just staring at them, still weird but I'll take it. I rubbed my hand on the back of my neck while letting out nervous laughs. "So what are you doing at break?" Did he really want to spend time with me or is it just being polite? "Well I'm practicing for my music assessment in the recording studio. What about you?" What would he do apart from being mobbed by his fans "Watching you practice in the recording studio!" Was I mistaken or is he actually crazy for actually actually thinking I would let someone other than my music teacher hear my sing. No way. "You sure you don't want to hang out with your friends?" "No, they'll come too if you want?" What I have I got myself into? Finally it was time to start the lesson. I couldn't couldn't get over the fact that I might have to practice in front one direction. I can't do it. "Lilly are you coming? Hello?" George was standing in front of my desk. He offered my hand and I gladly accepted it. "So are we going to the canteen?" George had broken the silence that I desperately needed since Louis seemed to not stop asking me questions, meaning I had to reply. "Oh! I forgot, I need to practice, I'll just go and see Isobel first." Louis' P.O.V. History was great, I really enjoyed seeing my fans but sitting next Lilly really was a good change.She didn't even snap at me when she got annoyed over me talking about carrots. Then she fell asleep for the last five minutes so I put the text book in front of her. She looked so adorable when she was sleeping, Lilly didn't even notice when I hugged her goodbye. Time to meet at the recording studio. "Are you coming Niall?" He nodded as we finished signed autographs and took pictures. "I've been walking in the same way As I did Missing out the cracks in the pavement And strutting my heel an tutting my feet Is there anything I can do for you dear Is there anyone I can call No and thank you please madam I aint lost just wondering Round my home town..." I stared at Lilly in awe. She was amazing how has she not been noticed yet?!? I turned to Niall and could see he was thinking the same thing. Lilly P.O.V. I finally just just noticed that louis and Niall were standing by the door frame. Out of no where they started applauding me. I blushed at the fact they were clapping at my voice. "Lilly you're amazing!"Niall finally blurted out. "You play guitar too, that's awesome!" Did they really think that? my cheeks had started burn really badly so I tiltled my gead to the floor and held my arm behing my back. "You're over reacting a bit though." I mumbled shyly. "No we're serious, sing another song!" I started to freeze where I was standing. I didn't mind performing in front of my music teacher because he taught me guitar when I was four so it was easy to sing when around him, but in front of these two? No chance in hell. "Aww she's shy!" Niall ran straight up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I hate to admit but this one was even better then George and Max's hug.Just then Josh casually skipped in whistling then stood silently at the sight of Niall hugging me. "Has Lilly Willy got a cwushy wushy on the band hey?" He smirked at me evily I returned itwith my best death glare. If looks could kill he would be onthe floor dead, instantly.My glare wiped that grin right off his pasty pig like Face. Niall let me out of his hug but kept his arm around my shoulders. "Anyway, have you seen Isobel because Olly wants to talk to her." Im not going to let Olly hurt Isobel, I promised her. I was running down the drama and dance corridor. Sprinting for my best friend. When I found her pinned by the wall by Olly. There was a big crowd around them but I would still be able to run in and out quickly. "Louis please let me borrow ypur jacket." I pleaded He slipped it onto me, pulling the hood up. I wiggle my way through the crowd, inches away from Olly. I kicked him from behind him, hitting exactly in the balls. As soon as he let go of Isobel, I took her from the corridor and hid ourselves in the recording box of the recording studio, ducking under the glass. "What happened Isobel?" I whispered to her. She looked down at the floor as a single tear ran down herface causing me to embrace her into a hug.

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