I owe you



9. Chapter 9


George’s P.O.V.

Lilly already liked Louis, I can tell. I just wished if he wasn’t in our history then he wouldn’t have known her. The worse thing is that he’s famous and is in One Direction, despite her not really liking them before; she seemed to buddy up with them in an instant. My heart shattered at just the sight of her walking happily with him. I just feel so broken right now, I can’t be arsed to talk to anyone. “Hey George!” Mum what did I just say? Oh yeah, I forgot you can’t hear my thoughts. I grunted and ran into the kitchen to grab a Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream before going to my room. I played some C.O.D on the xbox while stuffing my face with ice cream.  I just wish she would think of me as she did before. Tears were already streaming down my face and I couldn’t care less if anyone saw me right now. The worst part is... I want Louis to be with her because he makes her smile not just with her face but her heart. God I’m being so cliché! Don’t you ever just love someone so much that they just have to like you back, even if it’s just by a little bit, right? I should write that down, it could be helpful sometime.

Lilly’s P.O.V.

ARGH! Each time I try to think about what I’m going to do my mind just blows up. It’s like being in one of those fanfiction’s that Isobel writes. So Niall- AHHH! I don’t know what’s happening to mind, it’s like my brain’s just frying slowly up inside my head. “Lilly? Are you okay? You’ve been in there for quite a while.” I think it was Louis knocking on the door. “I’ll be ready soon.” My voice kept cracking and breaking. It is probably that time of the month for sure. CRASH! Something had fallen from outside the window. Stepping onto my tip-toes I looked down, Liam was trying to climb in and to my despair, he was successful. “Hi Lilly, Louis and Niall told me about what happened today.” I looked up at him, tears dangerously close to spilling. “This isn’t me Liam. I don’t usually kiss two guys on the first day that I’ve met them. I’m not usually like this, I’m not!” He pulled me in closer, his arms around my head like a big brother. “I believe you Lilly, I really do and I apologize in advance in case something happens and no one’s there to help you.” He really was the dad of One Direction. “We have mattresses down in your room now and if you want I can make sure Niall and Louis aren’t next to you?” I nodded and quickly followed him back into my room. Niall and Zayn were both zonked out on two mattresses beside each other, Harry was by the window and Louis just lay down on the mattress by the door. When he saw my face he looked so hurt and I just wanted to hug him and never let go but I resisted and went to my own bed and realised Liam was too. Luckily for me, he stayed on one half while I slept on the other. Tomorrow I could easily just ignore what I heard George say earlier and just pretend life’s back to normal. Lilly? My voice rang through my head. Why did I feel so strange? Oh that’s right, I was sharing a room with One Direction! I crept silently out of the room and walked into my aunt’s room. Her room was always breath taking each time I went in. It was like a suit in a five star hotel.

I’d fallen asleep in her cosy water bed, buried in piles of pillows and blankets unaware of the music still playing into my ears from iPod earphones –I could never go to sleep without listening to music-. I lazily slumped up and trudged my way to her en suit to brush my teeth and hair. In the dark light, my eyebrows looked even blacker than usual. I was born two weeks late so I already started growing hair on my head on eyebrows and since there was no light in my mum’s tomb, my hair was black (I’m guessing that’s why it was black). Through the years, my hair lightened with sun until it settled with a light hazelnut shade, although my eyebrows seemed to remain black. When I was little, I thought it was a curse but when I grew older, I realised it was a blessing. The weirdest attention they’d ever get is people actually stroking them whispering “So soft...so soft!” There are some creepy people out there. Quickly I brushed my hair into a messy bun and went into my room for clothes. I opened the door and had forgotten all about the boys staying, I remembered when the floor underneath me yelped in pain. I looked down to see a rather stunned and flustered Louis whose face was covered by my bare foot. “Sorry!” I whispered since the boys were still asleep. He looked up at me eager at first but then sadly. “We err have Kellogs, Kraves and toast. Help yourself.”I gestured to where downstairs was and stood there awkwardly as he pushed himself up. For a mere five seconds, we locked our gaze with each other before he broke it quickly and rushed downstairs.

When I was dressed (I was in Annie’s room now.) I looked in the mirror for approval from my reflection. Today I was in shorts –again- but this time they were black, my top was a loose hanging white vest reading “Vote for Pedro!” from one of my favourite movies Napoleon Dynamite. On my feet were gladiator shoes in a copper colour. I didn’t wear much make up today except for some mascara and a weird avocado lip gloss that I was addicted to. Pulling a pair of ray bands, I realised I had a half hour left. Strolling to the kitchen I noticed all the boys up still in their pyjamas that they had brought yesterday, except for Harry who was still only wearing boxers. “Nick has some clothes in his room that might fit.” I stuttered. “Who’s Nick?” Niall blurted out. He was too cute. “Nick’s my cousin but he’s in Florida right now.” He made an ‘O’ shape with his mouth. And they all made their way upstairs except for Louis. Please God don’t make this awkward! “Hi Louis!” I seemed to have disturbed him from a deep thought. “It’s fine you know?” What did he mean by ‘it’s fine’ “That you like Niall more than me, I get it. He’s the adorable Irish one while I’m just... not.” I didn’t know what to say and since I’m not that much of a romantic, it didn’t really help either. “Well I’m going to get dressed, bye.” If I let him get changed that wouldn’t be mean, I just don’t want to be late. No, I have to tell him my side of the story. “Louis, that kiss between me and Niall was just in the heat of the moment. You do know that right?” He stopped and turned to look at me. “So was ours but you didn’t pull away straight away. You kissed him back.” Well I might have kissed you back if we weren’t interrupted “So? I could see you liked his kiss!” I must have thought that out loud then. I’ve always been terrible in arguments because there’s always so much I want to say but I can never pick out which point to use. He rolled his eyes and walked away. Someone didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed this morning!

They all came back downstairs, Niall wearing a dark blue t-shirt with sleeves rolled up slightly and white chinos, Zayn was wearing a denim jacket covering a white t-shirt and grey skinny jeans, Harry had a white buttoned shirt but had a few buttons undone at the top, Liam was wearing the same as yesterday which was an open blue shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his elbow and a white short underneath while Louis was wearing a black buttoned up shirt with white braces coming from his blue trousers. They were all coming down the stair and hadn’t noticed me so I exited out of the house and made my way to the bus stop. I never want to be famous, even though my life now isn’t perfect, I know I’d still miss it. Maybe the whole music test is just a distraction from other important subjects. What am I thinking, I love music... but do I really need to do a test for it. It’s not like if I don’t get a good level I won’t be able to play and I don’t think you need test results to audition for x-factor of Britain’s Got Talent. Although I’ve been preparing so long for this, I can’t just let all that time when I’ve been doing music instead of studying for something like science or maths go to waste. I’m probably just saying this because I’m nervous but I always thought about it. It’s always been there, biting at the back of my brain but I can’t give up now. I needed to get to the bus stop quicker so I started to jog since I wasn’t exactly that energetic. I felt suddenly like I was being followed so I subtly turned my head to see a black range rover trailing slowly behind me. Being my usual paranoid self, I started to quicken my pace then turned to a full on sprint. There was no chance I could outrun a car but I did know a short cut to the bus stop which was inaccessible to cars. Hurtling myself through trees, over tree stumps and through bushes I pushed past the fence and was safe. I continued to jog my way to the bus stop.

The bus hadn’t arrived yet so I had time to fix my outfit, pulling on my ray bands. Two minutes later and the bus still hadn’t appeared. I’s going to be late. I re checked the timetable but this time noticed a small sign ‘Number 10 bus no longer running. Sorry for the inconvenience.’ Shit. Walking takes me about half an hour and today music was first period, I’d be taking my music test first thing too. I should probably start walking now and explain myself later. “Lilly! So this is where you went off to?” I recognised that voice from somewhere. Harry. As his car drove up to me I knew instantly it was the one I thought was ‘chasing’ me. “Want a lift?” The back door slid opened and before I could protest, a pair of strong arms pulled me in, pressing on my ticklish ribs. Niall sat happily with his arms wrapped around my torso, my back facing him. Harry was driving with Louis next to him in the passengers’ seat, disappointedly looking at us through the mirror. I couldn’t stop laughing as Niall’s arms were still tickling my ribs. “What’s so funny?” Zayn asked thinking I was insane (more like inzayn –ba dum tss-... nobody? ) “Nialls,” I tried to speak through laughs “Tickling me!” I just about managed to get it out of my mouth. At this Niall decided to actually try tickling me and let’s just say... he’s lucky he lived. If I get tickled by you, don’t blame me for what will happen to you. Finally he stopped so I could actually breathe. Realizing I was still in his arms I tried to pull myself to an actual seat but unsuccessfully as he tightened his grips on me but not so much that it hurt. My cheeks flushed bright red and Louis sternly mumbled “It’s not safe to be in that position while someone’s driving!”. Louis just had to make the whole drive awkward with that one comment.

We pulled up to school and noting that I only had two minutes to get to music, I darted off quickly as soon as the door of the car opened. I was still tired from laughing and the running earlier but I managed to pull out my books from the locker and leg it to the music room. Bursting into the recording studio, out of breath, Mr. Oakley and Simon Cowell were talking over something that looked like student records. “Ahh Lilly! Thought you weren’t going to show up. By the way you left your guitar here yesterday so be thankful I locked it in the store room.” He passed me the key and I quickly fished out my beauty, Gonzalo (my guitar). Gently I strummed my fingertips over the strings to see if it was in tune. Nervously, I stepped into the recording booth, took a deep breath in and began...

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