I owe you



8. Chapter 8

George's P.O.V.

5.30. If I leave in fifteen minutes I could make some food for Lilly... Or just order a take away. Today practically killed me. Lilly was off with one direction, completely oblivious to my feelings. I guess it is my fault for not telling her about them but they were obvious. I just assumed that we would end up together, that I would finally admit then it to her and she would feel the same but her and Louis (who have only known each other for a day) are acting like they've been together for years. She's happy with him so I can't split them up. Although, he is leaving in six days so they should smart enough to realize how bad long distance relationships are. I slipped into my skinny grey jeans and pulled on a blue T-shirt that said "Game Over" In the sort of format you'd find in old mario games. I pushed my feet into some navy blue toms and as soon as I was finished, which took five quick minutes, I headed over to Lilly’s house. I had just passed the park when I started to panic. Fishing through my pockets desperately for my wallet, I let out a sigh of relief when my fingertips brushed over a piece of shredded fabric. Phew! I looked through the contents of it and found some pound notes, cards, discount vouchers, spare change and a crumpled picture of me and a thirteen year old Lilly. She was hiding behind a large pink penguin that we won, her hair in big puffy bunches that reached her shoulder blades. She was hiding most of her face except for her wide green eyes that sparkled excitedly in the dim light of the street lamps. Meanwhile, I stood next to her like a nervous wreck. I wish I could go back to that time, when she used to like me. Unfortunately, prepubescent me was stupid and had told her that all I would be able to see her as was a friend. Ugh! I could really bitch slap me right now.

I loved the walk to Lilly’s, she lived in the forest part in the village, although it was slightly frightening and creepy, it was still just so secluded and cozy. C’mon George stop being such a girl. In two minutes, with five minutes to spare, I reached the gate to the forest next to the retirement home. The council had said they would get a new one but they never really did so I had to wrap my hand around the rusty, chipped and bug infested gate and shut it quickly behind. The walk took about two minutes but was much nicer, with the scenery then the archway of trees, used as a driveway. Flinging myself onto the couch, I dialled the pizza place. “Two large meat feasts, no wait three!” I quickly corrected myself. Lilly and I would usually have room for spare. “Great!” The waiter said sarcastically “That will £16.50!” £16.50?! That used to be £10... Oh well. Five minutes later the doorbell rung. That will probably be the pizza delivery guy. I got up from the couch unaware of what was lurking behind the door. When I flung it open I saw... A pizza delivery girl, a cute one. I don’t know why I was so paranoid about it. It was probably the fact I was in a house in the middle of a forest. Quickly observing the girl as I exchanged the money for three large boxes saying “We serve best!” I notice her cute blonde girl slipping out of her hat, dangling over some freckles that had peaked out of her foundation. “Nice place!” She exclaimed blankly but with a hint of flirtation. “It’s not mine, it’s my friends.” With a humph she left back into her car. Before I could close the door a mysterious Lilly had appeared out of nowhere ( Does anyone notice the Pokémon reference?). “Geor- PIZZA!” Food has always been a big part of her life.”Good man, good man!” A Yorkshire accent spoke out. Louis.They both took a box out of my hand and hopped in. “I thought you were sick Lilly?” I chuckled softly. Lilly blushed and ‘coughed’ as an answer.

After a while of discussing, we settled on a paranormal activity fest. Watching all the movies, none stop. I was making popcorn and drinks, Lilly was getting dressed and bringing down blankets and pillows while Louis was working on the DVD player. A few minutes later we were already sat down on the same couch. Lilly in between me and Louis so before he could do anything, I gently pulled Lilly into my arms ‘casually’. She hesitated at first but soon relaxed into the position. Finally!

Louis’ P.O.V.

We had got to the part where the louigi board is left alone while they’re out. I bet Lilly’s scared, maybe if I just… put my arm around her. To my dismay I felt something blocking my hand, what was it?! It is probably a ghost Louis. The most logical explanation is a ghost. No other explanation could make more sense than ‘ghost’. “ARGHHH!” Well done, let out the most girlish scream that you can. Bravo! Lilly and George had gone into a spooked and panic state of hysterics. “LOUIS WHAT IS IT?!?” George squealed. I realized it was only his hand around her. Wait, he liked her too didn’t he! Damn it! “Oh I-I thought I saw… a… ghost but it was just Lilly’s… jacket on the couch.” Lilly burst into laughter and put on a baby voice. “Is Louis afraid of the big bad ghosty- wostie?” I pouted out my lower lip and nodded letting her envelop me into a hug. “Well I’m stuffed.” She sighed and flopped herself down, her head lay on my lap, facing the T.V. while her legs draped over George. My palms were starting to get sweaty so I wiped the sweat off quickly and started doing what felt natural to me. Gently I brushed my thumb on her cheek then started drawing small circles on her back. Whenever I touched some bare skin, fireworks shot through my whole body.

Lilly’s P.O.V.

The sensation of Louis rubbing circles on my back was so overwhelming I felt like I was falling into unconsciousness… NO! I want to watch this movie although I’ve spent most of it enjoying Louis’ touch, I don’t want to miss it. Until I realized the movies had finished already, all four of them. I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I pretended to let sleep carry me away. It must have worked because George and Louis started to talk about random stuff. Small talk, basically. I was about to drift off when something Louis said perked my ears up. He said my name… “So George, are you and Lilly, like a thing?” No. Louis we are not a thing.”I’m not sure if I want to say no really…” George mumbled. What?! What the hell does that mean? “I mean, we used to be good friends in years seven but when the second year came, she started to have feelings for me. Well back then I didn't see us as anything more than friends. But now…” Please don’t say it George. Please don’t! “She just planted that idea in my brain about being more then friends and now it keeps growing and I just-“ Louis had interrupted him. “George so you like her is what you’re trying to say. Just for this week, can you let her… you know?” I could feel George tense up under my legs but I was still unable to process what he had previously said. “You mean let you make her fall completely head over heels for you, just to have break her heart into tiny pieces when you have to leave?! I don’t want her to be hurt!” He had a point. “I won’t leave her. I won’t hurt her, I will be gone for only a few months then I’ll come back!” I felt tears daring to spill out any second. Why was I so worked up about it? Was it that time of the month again? The space between the cushion of the couch and my legs had quickly disappeared and as soon as the door clicked, I knew George had left.

  So George likes- I’m too tired to think about that. Oh and Louis thinks he can just have me for the week like I’m some sort of inanimate object. I’ll just hang out with Isobel… who’ll be hanging out with George. NIALL! Unless he’s busy with fans, we can hang out! “Lilly wake up now.” Louis whispered soothingly into my ear. NO! I’m too busy being angry… and confused…and tired too! “Lilly?” Fine! “Hi Louis.” I ‘yawned’ and rubbed my eyes open. He was beaming down at me making me forget all about what I heard. “You should probably go to bed now.”  I was about to agree but I didn't want to be alone in this house. Everyone admired it and I have to admit that it was nice but only when someone else is there. When you’re alone… at night… straight after watching all paranormal activities, it is not that quaint and cozy. “Don’t leave!” Even I was surprised at my sudden outburst. He raked his tanned fingers through his brown hair. “I’ll call the guys.” I waited patiently by his side. “Hi Nia- Oh I’m just at Lilly’s… Well we went for a walk then headed back… No I’m not going to try,” He lowered his voice slightly “I’m not going to try and get in bed with her… I’ll ask her. Lilly why don’t you come to our flat?” Spending a night with five crazy boys? No. “It’s too dark down there on foot and we don’t have a car.” I like that excuse, Louis repeated what I said into the phone. “Okay sure, see you in five! Tell my hazzabear that boobear sends love!” He smiled widely as the phone call ended. ”So what did he say?” I asked curiously. “Oh nothing just about food and stuff… I guess you love food too.” Louis flashed a cheeky smile. Huh? I was subconsciously drooling over the very mention of food even after popcorn and a large meat feast. “Well who doesn’t?” I laughed. “But seriously what did they say?” “Why so curious." I wacked him playfully on the arm before replying “Well you finished by saying you’ll see them in five minutes,” realization hit me “No, No! They are not spending the night here!” I protested. “Fine then we’ll leave you alone here in the house, all by yourself. With no one to hear you scream and nowhere to run…” The very thought made me cling to him tightly as he texted Liam my address.

Harry’s P.O.V.

“Louis sends love, Harry?” Niall walked cautiously into my room in case I was still naked. Lucky for him. I’d slipped into some boxers. “I’m not naked. Unless you like seeing me in my birthday suit. You know all na-tu-ral?” I joked. “We’re going over to see Lilly and Louis, get dressed.” I can’t be bothered “NEVER!” I yelled. “Fine put on a hoodie at least.” He left the room and left me alone with my thoughts. Lilly. I don’t get it. She doesn't seem to even notice my flirting. It’s like screaming behind a sound proof wall. She’s hot and from what I know about her, she seems kinda cool but she doesn't even show any sign of romantic interest in response to my flirting. It’s never been so hard to get a girl to even blush for me. She even tried to dodge what she thought was a kiss from me.”Harry hurry up!” Zayn yelled. I couldn't bother with any other clothes so I got into the car in only my boxers. Maybe this will surprise her.

“Really Harry? No clothes?” Liam was in the driver seat with me in the passenger seat. “Let me be lazy in peace.” I groaned sarcastically as we drove into a little forest. “Woaw...” We all echoed in unison. The stars were bold in the black sky, poking through the large fern trees. “Over there!” I pointed to what looked like a cottage and Liam drove closer to it. I got out of the car and could already feel the night air prickling at my chest. “Bet you’re regretting that now?” Niall teased beside me.  I was about to knock on the door but it was already opened by a wedge in the frame. Silently I stepped in and could hear the adventure time theme tune playing on in the back ground. I looked over to where it was coming from. Louis had his arm wrapped around a girl who is seventeen but when she sleeps apparently looks like a little girl. Lilly. They were both asleep on the couch, Louis’ arm around Lilly’s waist, her head buried in his chest. I sprinted towards the happy couple before bomb diving onto them. They both screamed, startled. “Ahh butt!... This butt, I know it. HARRY!” Louis could be really random sometimes.

Niall P.O.V.

My heart pounded at the sight of her and Louis. I was already losing her and it had only been a day. If I don’t do something soon then my love is a lost cause. Luckily Harry interrupted their sleep and Lilly had flown half across the room away from Louis, aware of the extra company. I ran up to her side quickly and embraced her in one of my legendary hugs. I knew she liked it because she seemed to melt in my arms. I know it wasn't as romantic as holding her while she sleeps or kissing but at the pace that I was at, it was the best thing I could do. “Niall?” Lilly whispered my name making my heart do a back flip. “Yes pookins?” She giggled at the name I gave her. “Can you explain to me why Harry’s only wearing boxers?” I turned around and saw Harry looking at all the family pictures, casually standing in his underwear. He turned our way quickly then winked at Lilly. I know Lilly, even though I've known her since this morning, I know her enough to know that she wouldn't blush at that but when I turned back, she was covering her now scarlet face. “Oh so you like it when guys do that?” I whispered leaning close into her ear. “N-No it’s just its weir-“ I silenced her by placing my hand over her lush pink lips. I have never been so jealous of my hand ever in my life. Quickly I whipped off my shirt and trousers.

Lilly’s P.O.V.

When Harry winked at me, I couldn't help but blush but not because it’s him but because he’s nearly naked, In my house. Harry Styles is half naked, in my house. That thought can’t just happen without a small blush. Then all of a sudden Niall had stripped too. What was with these guys and stripping? Although my eye kept guiding over his perfectly toned body, trying not to look was so hard, I decided to look him in the eye. Bad mistake. When I looked up, his adorable blue eyes were sparkling with happiness making me feel weak in the knees so I glanced back down... too his abs. Damn it Lilly get a hold of yourself. “Well... I’m going to go and take my... goldfish... for a bath?” What the actual hell Lilly? Take your goldfish for a bath? Really? I was going to see Liam, Louis and Zayn but I missed being in my room. I just would go in there for a few seconds then come back. No one will notice...

Quietly, I crept up the oak stairs, carpeted with a fluffy white rug that had gone slightly grey with age. I jumped onto my bed and sighed still in my sort of Jesus position on the bed. “Bed, I missed you so much. The couch wasn’t comfy at all!” I moaned slightly begging for its forgiveness... I really need a life! Closing my eyes a thought jumped into my head ‘Tumblr!’ I searched through the darkness for my mac book. I spent a few minutes reblogging some random fandom (ß I’m a poet and you know it!... I’m sorry about that, I’ll just stop now.) stuff. “We came here to keep you company remember?” Niall was beside me with his arm that he used to hold himself up, by my hip so we were even closer. “I’m sorry Nialler.” He gasped quickly at my apology. “Since when did I allow you to call me Nialler?”Well that isn’t awkward at all. “I’m sorr-“ He smashed his lips into mine and the fireworks were insane this time. I was so absorbed in the kiss, I didn’t realise the four boys standing open mouthed outside my room. The kiss lasted longer than Louis’ which when I look back at wasn’t even a kiss, our lips only brushed against each others. I can’t be kissing two guys that I only met today, in one day because I’m not a slut. I pulled away and ran quickly to the bathroom that connected mine and Annie’s room, locking the door behind me and the door leading to Annie’s room.

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