I owe you



5. Chapter 5

On Monday I had double French which meant two hours of Harry talking while fan girls glared at me. It wasn't the best lesson but it wasn't too bad, Liam and Harry were actually quite funny and nice. Throughout the second hour, I started to panic a little, lunch was soon and during lunch I had my music assessment which I didn't feel prepared for at all. As soon as class ended, I had legged it out of the classroom with Harriet, Toni and Max to get a good place in the canteen.

"Isn't it your music test today?" George spoke through mouth fulls of chips. "Yeah, in about thirty minutes. God, I'm so nervous that I've sweat through my clothes like a pig." George spluttered out his drink while choking on it. He had this thing with pigs since we joined high school, not sure what it was but if he ever heard the word pig, he would go all weird. "Charming..." he said while cleaning the table. Everyone continued with their conversation about pet peeves or whatever it was while my eyes couldn't help but drift over to a table where one direction were sitting. A larger part of myself that I hate to admit it, wanted them to sit with us but I soon figured out why they hadn't sat by us. An average sized girl with a golden complexion made entirely out of foundation who had long red, silky hair was sat by Niall and Zayn. Courtney... I would have been less angry if it was someone else but it just had to be Courtney. My eyes turned to Niall, his arm was around Courtney like they were already together. His eyes turned quickly to mine and we locked for two seconds before I averted my gaze back to my table. "I'm going to practice for my test, meet me by the English room!" I whispered to Isobel and George, I don't know why but the sight of Courtney and One Direction sickened me enough to make me want to cry. I had to leave quickly. What was I thinking, there is nothing between any of us. I'll just forget about it. "LILLY!" Somebody had wrapped their arms around my waist from the back and I could tell it was Louis. "Hi Louis!" I tilted my head back to beam up at him, the moment automatically lifted my spirits making me forget all about Courtney and Niall.

Louis P.O.V.
I liked Lilly. A lot. And this moment just felt so right, the way her head fit perfectly into the crook of my neck, the way her eyes locked into my eyes, I could have stayed here forever. "I'm we weren't there for you at lunch, I was dragged off by this girl." "I'm fie, really! Besides you'd rather hang out with a popular then me." She frowned slightly so I spun her around meaning we were face to face. I gazed deeply into her green eyes until she got the hint. My head leaned in closer to hers, my thumb gently brushing her cheek as our lips barely skimmed each other. Sparks had already started to fly but before she could return my actions Niall rushed into the corridor. "Hey Louis have you seen Lill-" Lilly legged it out of the door and made her way to the stairs to the music department. "Louis are you and Lilly...?" It hit me so suddenly that I let out a loud gasp. Niall liked Lilly too... Great! How could I compete with that bundle on blond hair, big blue eyes and an adorable Irish accent? But then again I did just kiss Lilly and she obviously felt the sparks too. 

Niall's P.O.V.                                                                                                                                        When Spanish class had finished, me and Louis headed to find Harry, Liam and Lilly. There was something about her. Something that made me want to hold her and kiss her for ever. I loved how when not being talked to, she was completely in her own world but when you did talk to her she looked directly into your eyes without seeming creepy. WE were about to go look for her but this girl with died red hair and obvious foundation covering her every inch dragged us off to a table. She would never stop flirting or talking about how much calories I was eating and should probably go on a diet with her (Harsh, I know!). I looked around for Lilly, the thought of her brought a big smile to my face especially when caught her looking at me until I saw how disappointed and hurt her face looked. Before I could do anything she had walked off, I tried to go after but Courtney had me tight in her grip "Don't leave, I want to talk more my Nialler!" She pouted, trying to make herself cuter. It didn't make her look cuter but I still reluctantly sat back down to see Louis chase after Lilly. Not long after he had left, I escaped Courtney with a quick run for it. Finally I found Louis and the words came out of my mouth before I realized what was happening. Louis was kissing her. He was kissing my Lilly, well she wasn't technically mine but still. 

Lilly had run away, my mind had completely blank as I was unable to process what had just happened. "Louis are you and Lilly...?" He gasped for no apparent reason. "Oh err no, not really so no need to worry okay?"

"Why would I be worried?" My voice was slowly rising

"Admit it Niall, you like her!" So was his.

"You're wrong, I don't like her! I love her!" My voice shot through the canteen and I quickly apologized to everyone. Louis just stood there stunned. "Oh... I didn't know, I'm sorry Niall but I really like her." I looked down at my feet because I knew if I saw his face one more time I would probably punch him. I pushed past him and made my way to the music department where Lilly had fled.

Lilly's P.O.V.                                                                                                                 Louis just... kissed me. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction just kissed me! I wasn't sure what to make of it, did I like him? I mean, there was obviously something there like a spark but... He's a celebrity and I'm just a average student. No I can't be thinking about this, I need to concentrate on my music. No more distractions. Complete focus. No One Direction for now. I wounder why Niall was looking for me...NO! I said no thinking about that stuff. "Hey Lilly I'm sorry about just back then." His Irish accent broke me out of my 'concentration'. "It's okay, we didn't even kiss... Well we nearly did but... so yeah anyway why were you looking for me?" I had to change to subject slightly. "Oh yeah that, I was just wanting to just hang out with you a bit so you could help me with my history." "Well I have my music test soon but you could help me practice, you know since you're in the music industry." He smiled happily, which I took as a yes and we set up my equipment.


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