I owe you



14. chapter 13

I laughed as he squirmed around in a circle, I thought about helping him but this is better. Shortly after Harry had given up and I was about to leave, two year nine girls ran up to him squealing so high I couldn't hear myself think. I don't think they were actually talking real English until the smaller blonde announced, mistakenly probably "I once masturbated to your voice!" Hahaha fan gir- Wait what?!? That's just... Huh? "What the f-" I was about to finish my sentence before some idiot decide to pull my bag along the corridor witch just ended with ungracefully spinning then face planting with my 'oh shit' echoing through the silent corridor. Yay! 10 cool points to me (note the sarcasm). "Just like a lady!" I chuckled then gratefully took his hand to get me up. "Thanks Harry." I smiled at him, "Anything to get away from the very... open fan over there." There was a silence before HArry spoke up "So you've kind of got to know Louis and Niall over a day huh? Do you know what you're doing?" What sort of question is that? I'm too hungry to think. "Well, they're great guys but you'll all be gone in a week so there's no point building up something that will soon be gone."He looked deep in thought "Then why don't you take this rare opportunity to have an amazing time, you might never have something like this happen again." He had a point. "But then even if we used the 'no strings attached' approach there will be an emotional attachment growing." I defended myself "Look at you with your posh words!" I smirked back "Well you know what they say...." I had no clue what they said so I just made my way to the lockers.

Isobel’s P.O.V.

Zayn. He’s just perfection! I thought that as soon as I met them I would be all over Harry but it turns out that Zayn’s my guy. It kind of ticked me off when I found out Lilly had them all round at her house last night and didn’t bother inviting me but I wouldn’t have been able to go, it’s my sister. Ollie’s cousin is bullying her and it’s been happening for months but she has been too afraid to tell me. I understood so I had a talk with her and how she’s feeling and I have a feeling she has depression. So we went to the doctors and it’s true, she suffers from severe depression. I figured out something was wrong when she mentioned Ollie’s cousin because when I dated him, he told me he didn’t have a cousin. I really don’t know what me and Chelsea did to deserve what life’s thrown at us, that’s why I can’t afford to lose Zayn. “You okay?” Zayn asked curiously. “Yep just thinking” I smiled up at him. “About what? How amazing I am?” He joked. “You caught me!” I laughed. We were walking to the cafeteria side by side, our hands occasionally brushing. I then felt his finger reach for mine and I returned the action, then swiftly he took my hand and entwined our fingers. Please don’t fan girl, I’m begging you brain! My cheeks started going a deep red colour the more I got used to my hand in his.

Lilly P.O.V.

Harry followed me back to the lockers where I could see George and Eleanor hitting it off, maybe George could fancy her instead of me. “Hey Lilly!” They both chorused but Eleanor stood frozen at the sight of Harry. Queue fangirl in 3 2 1... “Eleanor!” Harry ran up to her, lifted her up and spun her around. Well that’s not exactly what I thought would happen. “The last time I saw you was when I was trying to set you up with Louis but you had to leave before you could even see him.” She gasped “So you were trying to set me up with someone, I thought you just genuinely wanted to spend time with me!” Harry let out a quick evil laugh “‘Course not!” She pouted then they both started catching up with each other while me and George just stood there like awkward third wheelers. “So what do you think of Eleanor?” I smirked at George nudging his shoulder. “I like her!” I gasped before shouting out “REALLY GEORGE? I CAN@T BELIEVE YOU LIKE ELE-“ George shoved a bit of his sandwich, that he was going to have for lunch, in my mouth. “No not like that.” He chuckled, elbowing me in the ribs.

We made our way into the cafeteria and met up with our friends but before I could sit down, Isobel swooped me off to another table. “C’mon Lilly we’re sitting over here today!” She seemed so happy. “Huh?” Then I saw the table she was taking me too. One Directions table. “Lilly!” cheered Niall and Louis. “Hi guys.” I sat on the last available seat which coincidently was right next to Louis. What a coincidence. My eyes drifted towards his, my eyes looking into his clear blue-green orbs. I averted my gaze towards my lunch, trying to pay attention to the conversation when he swiftly moved closer to my side gradually getting closer that our shoulders were continuously brushing against each other, causing my heart to race. Why was he doing this to me? Not that I’m complaining. “Hey Lou, you wouldn’t believe who I saw today!” Thank you Harry, if Louis had gotten any closer, I’d probably have passed out. “Who?” Louis sounded curious but slightly agitated and I’m guessing it’s because Harry stopped him from making his mover. “Eleanor.”

Louis P.O.V.

“Eleanor.” Harry smirked. Eleanor? Who’s Eleanor. “You can’t remember? I tried to set you to up at a party once?” Nope, still can’t remember her but I nodded anyway. “Well you have to go meet her.” And with that he joined the conversation while I went back to Lilly.

Lilly’s P.O.V.

“So it was your music test apparently today. How’d it go?” Is this small talk? “It was uhh fine, bit nervous but I did it I think.” He smiled and patted my knee which quickly turned into a rub before just firmly resting on my knee. “I’m glad!” Nervously I thanked him before trying to get back in the conversation. I had just about gotten used to his hand on my knee until he started rubbing his thumb on my knee. I was over load of sparks and fireworks so I quickly put my leg over the other. I heard Louis sigh from beside me.  Quickly I glanced back at him and not long after he looked back up at me, I gave him a small smile before rejoining the conversation for hopefully the last time. “Izzy, Lilly, I just realised we haven’t got your numbers yet, would you mind?” Me and Isobel looked at each other mentally agreeing. “Not at all (A/N~ I’ve just made up these numbers so in case it actually is someone’s number, please don’t ring or text them, also these are British numbers) mines 07432123432!” chirped Isobel. “And mine’s 07979388693.” We all swapped numbers then the bell rang and we separated for our next classes.

A/N Again I know, small chapter and rare updates, I'm sorry there's just been some issues I've had to face recently but on the brighter side, their new album is FABULOUIS!!!! I can't stop listening to happily, little black dress, half a heart, midnight memories and you & I. There just so amazayn! xoxoxoxoxo


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