I owe you


13. chapter 12

Lilly's P.O.V.

"Pst, Lilly?" I sighed angrily and rubbed my temples, "What is it this time Josh?" He snickered then composed himself again, "Boobs!" He's being doing this for fourty minutes and each time our science teacher asks what he's talking about Josh just says it's about the lesson. "Pst, Lil-" "God damn it Josh!" Isobel half whisper shouted across the science lab, the other people who were trying to get on with the lesson thanked her.  "Don't sass me woman!" he muttered under his breath. Mentally thanking Isobel, I finished my paper with five minutes left. Passing Isobel's table, I saw her shocked face on how I finished the paper before her so I poked my tongue out at her. I passed my sheets to sir and huffed my way back to my seat to continue playing with the zip on my bag.

Zipped. Unzipped. Zipped. Unzipped. Zipped. Unzi- "Can you not?!" Courtney was sending me daggers from the table next to me as I threw my hands up in surrender while she muttered the word bitch under her breath. "Takes one to know one!" I sung back. She was about to retort until sir stood up and announced it was the end of the lesson. I cheered inside my head and quickly made a bee line towards Isobel. "Long time no see!" I happily pulled her into a big hug. "You saw me before science, that's not that  long." "You saw me before science, that's not that long!" I mocked her in a high pitch voice. We did this for a while and when we thought it wouldn't stop we interrupted by lover boy "Hi Zayn!" Isobel chirped, I just gave him a subtle nod. I didn't hate him, I was just being lazy. "Lilly can I borrow Isobel please?" I let Zayn take her away to do what ever lovey dovey thing they wanted to do and walked down the crowded corridor alone. I purposely passed the food room to see if there was anyone I could get food from. I reached the door to the food room and my stomach was already demanding food. There were cheese cakes, macaroons, cookies, breads, chocolate cakes, curries and anything else that could make my mouth water. I wish I'd taken food tech instead of fine art. As I drooled over a fresh batch of fudge cookies, I noticed a familiar curly haired boy covered in flour from head to toe.

A/N~ I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while I just had lot's of homework and- Okay I was just procrastinating so I made this really small filler which I know isn't the best I could have given you but I'm sorry. I tried! Anyway, I'll try to be more active and stuff sorry ~bizzy  


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