I owe you



11. Chapter 10

A/N. I know this chapter's really short but... Okay I was just being lazy and eating all the time so one night I felt so guilty that  I forced myself to wake up and type it. So bare this in mind that I wrote this while I was half asleep. ~Bizzy

Lilly P.O.V.

Shakily, I stepped out of my music room. It actually went swimmingly well but right now I’m still trembling in my shoes. I hit all the notes perfectly so I think it’s only right that I deserve some food. My stomach growled at the very mention of food making me sigh and pat it. “I know buddy, I’m hungry too...” I mumbled to my stomach. “Lilly Jones everybody!” I heard a sarcastic chuckle behind me. “Hi George! What do we have now?” The awkward tension had already started to rise “History.” I nodded  “Err... How come you were late today?” He probably felt the tension too. “Overslept.” He nodded then gestured down the hallway. “Shall we go to history then?” I ‘mmhmed’ as we made our way to our next class. Before we arrived, I tried one last attempt at bringing up a conversation. “So last night... I woke up and you and Louis left without saying goodbye. What was that about?” I chuckled lightly as he tensed up at the mention of Louis. “He left t- Oh well, I needed to go home to do homework and he... I don’t really know what his problem is.” “You said you didn’t have any homework.” Smirking at has lie he started to blush “Did I say homework? I meant... Fine  I wanted play on my Xbox.” I whacked him playfully on the arm and gasped “You chose the Xbox over me? Hurtful!”  The awkward tension finally released itself as we stepped into the classroom. We must have been early because the only people who were in were the people too scared to get killed in the corridor crushes. 

A few minutes of tapping away at my desk like a professional drummer –the only reason people told me to stop was because it was too damn awesome...- before a wave of screaming girls entered the room. Niall and Louis had arrived. Niall was his usual bubbly self but Louis’ face had a fake smile plastered on. Wahoo I am now officially great at reading people’s facial expressions! Lilly: 1 World: 0... I need a hobby. Then it hit me, Louis was sitting next to me. A not too happy Louis that is. “Hi!” I awkwardly smiled up to him. “Hey.” He seemed almost normal but he was still slightly angry. 

 "So Louis..." I had no idea what to say. "A-Are you okay?" I was so nervous, I hated when people did this, it would make me feel so scared and guilty, even if it wasn't my fault. In this case, it was. Actually, it's Niall fault! Can't he just apologize... I'll just have to suck it up. "Just peachy!" He snarled sarcastically. "Is this about earlier because I am-" George was handing out the text books and slammed one on our table, eyeing Louis carefully before returning to finish his duty. For some unknown reason, he was now staring intently at me causing my palms to sweat. "What page are we supposed to be on?" I asked nervously. "We're reading pages 120-160." He mumbled, still burning his eyes into my soul. "So are you really okay?" His eyes still trailing on me. "I'm fine!" He hissed. "Well somebody didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed this morning.” Mumbling not quietly enough. I could hear him sigh before he turned full to me “Sorry, I didn't have that good a sleep, on the floor... and was woken up by a foot.” Am I that bad a host? He was obviously lying but I went with it. “Sorry, at least breakfast was good?” I asked hopefully. “Meh. It wouldn’t have hurt to make us something.” He laughed. “Yes, because I had all the time in the world to make you guys breakfast!” Speaking sarcastically.  Sorted.

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