Meant to be

Bella and Harry both are best friends who both grew up together in Holmes Chapel. Ever since Harry entered X Factor, Bella entered a strong depression. She moves to the U.S. with her dad, and lost total contact with Harry. She forgets about Harry, and contains a strong hate because Harry didn't bother contacting her during his X Factor experience. Both meet up once again, but both having the biggest names on the planet. How can their friendship heal after all of Bella's pain, and could their hate turn into friendship, or something more?


2. Just a thought

~ Bella's POV ~

     I stared out onto the falling sunset, ready to see the stars glisten, and the night to fall out. I sat on the cliff that was close to my house, next to my all time best friend and friend since childhood, Harry. We both turned sixteen this year, and we've been together since we both took our first steps. Our mothers were best friends as well.

     "Ever thought how it'd feel like being famous. To do what you love in front of millions of people who love and support you?" asked Harry. Question out of the blue, but doesn't surprise me. Harry always had the dream of becoming a famous singer, and he had the voice that can woo any girl. 

     "I've dreamed about it before, why do you ask?"

     "I'm going on X Factor." He told me.

     "What? You're joking, right?" I asked him. I couldn't believe he'd be willing to go on X Factor. Doesn't seem normal to have somebody from your neighborhood go on international TV and become a worldwide sensation.

     "No, I swear. I sent in the application and I'm going to audition!" He said, excitedly.

     "That's... That's great, Harry." I told him. Honestly, I couldn't imagine Harry being famous or having millions of girls adoring and loving him. That was just odd.

     "When are you leaving?" I asked him.

     "In a month." What? In a month. That short? "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, it's that I was scared to tell you."

     "Scared? Why?" I asked him.

     "I'm going to be gone for a long time. I didn't want that to impact the much fun we were having this summer."
     "Oh. But it's so weird. Most people like us don't make it in the business world, Harry."

     "So, you're saying that I'm not good enough?" He asked, shocked.

     "I never said that. I just said that most people like us don't make it into the big business world out there."

     "You don't believe in me then! And to think, I thought you were the one who most supported me, to the fact that you were my best friend!"

     "I am! It's just-"

     "Nothing! I'll prove you wrong!" He said, running away from our current spot.

     "Harry!" I tried calling out to him. But it was too late, he was long gone. He probably hated me. And the worst part is, I probably lost my best friend for good.


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