Meant to be

Bella and Harry both are best friends who both grew up together in Holmes Chapel. Ever since Harry entered X Factor, Bella entered a strong depression. She moves to the U.S. with her dad, and lost total contact with Harry. She forgets about Harry, and contains a strong hate because Harry didn't bother contacting her during his X Factor experience. Both meet up once again, but both having the biggest names on the planet. How can their friendship heal after all of Bella's pain, and could their hate turn into friendship, or something more?


1. Bella Wilson

     Hey! Well this is me! My name's Bella Wilson. I'm currently 19 and I'm touring all around the world. My best friend is the one and only Demi Lovato. I grew up in Holmes Chapel, England. Yes, I did live in the same town as Harry Styles. For a fact, I'm touring with him right now. It's torture, believe me. He used to be my best friend. Used to. But anyway, I moved to Florida with my dad because I had this strong depression. Caused by Harry. But now I love my life and that's all I ask for. Happiness. Well that's all. Bye!

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