Meant to be

Bella and Harry both are best friends who both grew up together in Holmes Chapel. Ever since Harry entered X Factor, Bella entered a strong depression. She moves to the U.S. with her dad, and lost total contact with Harry. She forgets about Harry, and contains a strong hate because Harry didn't bother contacting her during his X Factor experience. Both meet up once again, but both having the biggest names on the planet. How can their friendship heal after all of Bella's pain, and could their hate turn into friendship, or something more?


3. Audition Day

~ A month later~

     It's been a month and Harry and I have kept our distance. Today is Harry's audition day, and even though he hates my guts I still plan to go see and support him. I crawled out of bed and got ready to leave. I put on the t-shirt that Harry's mom designed to support Harry while we join him at X Factor. Anne knew that today was an important day for Harry, and even though we fought she thinks that I still should be there to give him support. I grabbed my keys and went downstairs to kiss my mom goodbye. She had work to go to anyway so she wouldn't be missing me much. I walked down the street block, and onto Harry's doorstep. I rang their doorbell, to be greeted by Gemma.

     "Hey Bella! Come in!" she greeted with a big, flashy smile.

     "Thanks," I told her. I stepped in to be greeted by Anne and a couple of Harry's cousins.

     "Where's Harry?" I asked. Harry is the type to be ready an hour before anything big is about to happen.

     "He's coming down in a second. He just wanted to practice alone upstairs," she said. Maybe this is my chance to apologize and finally gain my best friend back.

     "Can I go upstairs and talk to Harry?" I asked Anne. She gave me a warm smile and nodded. I climbed upstairs and went down the hall to Harry's bedroom door. I knocked on it slightly, to be greeted by Harry. His smile disappeared in a flash after he saw me.

     "What are you doing here?" he asked sternly. That hurt a bit.

     "I came to talk to you, Harry. I want to apologize."

     "Fine, come in." he said, gesturing me into his room. I walked in and sat down on his beanie bag chair that I bought for him last year for Christmas. 

     "Harry, I know you're biggest dream is to do what you love in front of people who support you, which is sing. You have an amazing voice. I told you all those things last month not because I don't believe in you, just because I don't want to lose my best friend. You were there with me when my dad left, and you always stood by my side no matter what. We've been together through everything and I don't want to lose you because of something stupid I said. I'm sorry." I said. I looked up to him  and received a huge bear hug. I hugged him back and we stood that way for about five minutes.

      "I forgive you. No only because of your apology, but because I don't want tot lose you either. Now we should get going before we're late," he said. I smiled and nodded.


~Harry's POV~

     I was glad that I made up with Bella after our fight. It's been a whole month without talking to her, hanging out with her, seeing her beautiful smile. I'll admit. I like her. I never was willing to tell her because she's always dated these jocks or these very attractive guys, and I was just her wimpy best friend. Either way she would never fall in love with a guy like me. She would never fall in love with her best friend. Either way I'm glad to have her as a best friend. At least I could still be close to her.

     We all packed into my cousin's car, and we were off to Manchester. I've always dreamed of going on X Factor, of meeting Simon Cowell, and for me to finally compete in the competition. I've always wanted to be someone in the Hollywood world, and finally I was going to try. Maybe what Bella said was true. That people like us don't make it into the big world. There;s only one way to find out. And we're going to find out right now. 


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