The Wrong One

McKenzie and Melissa are best friends living in Los Angeles: McKenzie modelling for Victoria's Secret and Melissa making it big in the music industry as a singer-songwriter.

One day, they bump into a certain five boys, and Mckenzie has always hated Harry whilst Melissa has had a crush on him from the beginning.

Are the matches that come along made in heaven or is it A Midsummer's Night Dream all over again?


2. Harry Styles

Mckenzie's Pov

As soon as we escaped from the paps I sighed in relief and Melissa did the same. We started walking on the sidewalk while I put my ear plugs in my ear and started to listen to music. Suddenly I bumped into a wall. "Ouch! Melissa why didn't you tell me that I was going to run into a wall?!" I yelled at her "umm Mckenzie that's n-not a wall...I mean he is not a wall." She said while her formed a perfect O, what was she talking about. I turned my face slightly to see what I had just bumped into. It was a guy I could see his face properly because the sun was shining right on his face. "Oh Damn it! I'm really sorry...I didn't mean to bump into you or.." I paused  "Call you a wall" I finished

"Its alright love, it was my fault I should have been more careful" He replied while picking up the stuff he had just dropped. "No way its not your fault. Let me help you with that." I bent down and picked up his stuff, when I was about give him his stuff the sun was not shining on his anymore. Therefore I could see his face clearly now, he was HARRY FUCKING STYLES!! I didn't realize I was staring at him until Melissa cleared her throat. I backed away a bit and stood straight up. "You must be a fan, right? Do you want an autograph?" he asked while getting up still keeping an eye contact with me. "Me? A fan? Are you crazy? Do you even know who I am? Get two things straight in your mind, first of all I don't want your fucking autograph because I hate you, Second of all I sign autograph to other people and third of all I'm not sorry anymore because I know the type of guy you are, just because your popular doesn't mean you can get any girl you wish for. I even know you bump into girls on purpose then you wait for them to say sorry, after they say sorry you try to act like a gentlemen by saying 'its ok love. It was my fault' after that you ask for her number, then you take her on a date then you say your in love with her and the  next day you sleep with her and after a day or two when you get bored you tell her to leave and act like you don't even know her!" I said and I took a deep breathe.

"Mckenzie! I'm sorry, Mckenzie didn't mean what she said. She is just really exhausted right now because we just escaped from paparazzi, and by the way I'm Melissa." Melissa apologized "Meli-" I was rudely interrupted by Harry "Its ok Melissa. I'm Harry, Nice to meet you and babe you don't know me that well more like you don't know me at all" he said looking straight in my blue eyes while I looked him straight in his green eyes "puh-lease don't you dare call me babe and I exactly know the type of guy you are the only decent one in your group is Liam Payne" I snapped  "shuss Mckenzie don't say another word. And I know who you are Harry, nice to meet you too. I know you because I listen to your music and Mckenzie does too! Her favorite is Zayn Malik." when she said my favorite was Zayn malik, Harry's smile turned into a frown. "Its sad to hear I am not her favorite." he said looking down "Awe poor harry." I said sarcastically while I fake frowned. "So who's your favorite Melissa?" Harry asked Melissa "Your her Favorite!" I yelled which caused everyone in the park to look at us and from the corner of my eye I could she Melissa blushing, woah she is bushing! "Omg Its Harry styles, Mckenzie and Melissa" All the people in park started running towards us. "RUNN" Melissa yelled and she started running without even looking back, but I just stood there until Harry grabbed my wrist and started running "Umm what the hell do you think your doing?!" I said still running. "Saving you from getting mobbed" he said softly . "I don't need you to save me. And why are you being so nice to me? Can't you see I will hate you no matter what ever you do!" "I know how much you hate me. And the last part you said that you will hate me no matter what ever I do, trust me that will change. And I swear I'll prove you WRONG!"

Authors Note

Hey lovelies, How you guys doing? Hope you like this chapter! Please Like, Favorite and comment!

-Thanks Leticia



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