Nialls New Rommies

This is story about Niall Horan and Keegan Berry. Niall moves back to Ireland to move into his old house but when he discovers that Greg and his wife live there, he must find his own house to live in. So when he finds a nice apartment he needs a roommate. He searches and until the beautiful, young, and amazing new girl, Keegan moves in and they discover more than just being roommates.. See what happens with Niall and Keegan in this comedy,drama, filled Movella! **RATED R MUST BE 16!!


8. Month 6

"Keegan!" I woke up to the scream of Niall's voice. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 8:32 and our doctors visit was 8:30 so we raced into the car and then we raced to the doctors office. Right when we walked in the nurse was saying last call for Mrs.Horan. they Niall shouts "SORRY WE ARE LATE." Mrs.Horan right here!'' As we went in the doctor said that Christan really wants out so I had to go slow and lay in bed for awhile. I was sad because I did not want to have my baby this early but also because I could do nothing but watch TV and go on the computer Niall said he would take a few days off work and hang out with us. So as we left I was already bored and we just went and got some breakfast and rent a ton of movies! As we got back to the flat all of out stuff was packed away everything but our bed and TV so we just watched TV in our bedroom all day and night then I went to bed. *KEEGANS DREAM* Niall stop your not taking our son! Yes I am. Niall Please don't I found a new girl. *NIALLS POV* she was moving and had a bad look on her face was it a nightmare I woke her up very fast and I wanted her to wake up now "Keegan, Keegan wake up please wake up!!!" As she woke up she was scared and fell right into my arms never letting go. I said "Babe you OK where you having a nightmare?" "Yes that you left me for some girl and took our son" "That would never happen Keegan." "I love you and only you" OK good that's what I needed to know. Then we both fell asleep. I was happy when I woke up the next morning because that was moving day that day I could do nothing so I had to sit there and watch, but for my luck El came with Louis so that I was not bored she was talking to my baby and she was feeling him kick she said it was beautiful. But we went back inside because of the cold December air. I had about 2 more months to go and I would be a mommy. "I cannot believe this is going to be my first nephew." "Yes I know." As soon as Niall sat down next to me Christan started kicking so fast like he knew his daddy was by him. Just when Niall put his hand on my stomach he started to talk to him, and El got a video on her phone and sent it to me. When I got it I told Niall "I have the best boyfriend in the world."

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