Nialls New Rommies

This is story about Niall Horan and Keegan Berry. Niall moves back to Ireland to move into his old house but when he discovers that Greg and his wife live there, he must find his own house to live in. So when he finds a nice apartment he needs a roommate. He searches and until the beautiful, young, and amazing new girl, Keegan moves in and they discover more than just being roommates.. See what happens with Niall and Keegan in this comedy,drama, filled Movella! **RATED R MUST BE 16!!


7. Month 5

Hey Niall wake up. This time I woke Niall up because I could not sleep knowing that my parents are going to my ultrasound. I was so happy and I know that Niall and my dad really hit it off. The hours went by really fast. First breakfast and then lunch then my ultrasound. I told my parents that they call me Mrs. Horan because they only do married people. So they knew I would not have a repeat of last time. I was so happy to see that my parents faces were lit up with excitement! They could not stop smiling, when the doctor found the heartbeat my mom burst into tears. "Mom don't cry its fine"  After we heard the heartbeat we found out the gender. So after the doctors we went to take my mom and dad home and I made them a copy of the ultrasound pictures. They got on the plane and I waved goodbye after that me and Niall went to the mall again but this time buy some clothes for our new baby.. Niall was taking me to a part of town I had never been before to a cupcake store and when I go there hung a sign that says "CONGRATULATIONS KEEGAN AND NIALL" I was so happy my friends and the boys threw me a baby shower! I went into the baby shower and sat down in this thrown like thing. I was crying with tears of joy. After about 2 hours of mingle I opened presents and there was lots of yellow and blue and pink stuff. To reveal the gender we had the cake colored BLUE!!! Yes folks we are having a boy named Christian James Horan. I could not believe we were having a boy I was so happy!! Next month I will be 6 month and then 3 more and I will meet my baby! I cannot wait. Amanda and Greg where at the baby shower and they were talking to me about Maura and how she is sorry and that she really wants to see me and Niall and before I could even say anything Niall blurted out "NO! She will not see my girlfriend or my son if my life depends on it. She really messed up this time and I'm not letting it go." "Niall I need to talk to you, I'm really hormonal could we go home and ya know.." "Yes of course" So we left and so did everyone else. I was so happy to have sex with my boyfriend again it was amazing. I loved it even more than the first time. So after we were done it was dinner time I was smiley the rest of the night and now after dinner was bedtime. Niall was talking to our son and he was so happy it was a boy!


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