Nialls New Rommies

This is story about Niall Horan and Keegan Berry. Niall moves back to Ireland to move into his old house but when he discovers that Greg and his wife live there, he must find his own house to live in. So when he finds a nice apartment he needs a roommate. He searches and until the beautiful, young, and amazing new girl, Keegan moves in and they discover more than just being roommates.. See what happens with Niall and Keegan in this comedy,drama, filled Movella! **RATED R MUST BE 16!!


6. Month 4

Time to wake up my babies. I heard Niall yell. So as I woke up I jumped in the shower I was looking at the door mirror and I saw how big I was I could not believe this was month 4! Niall was so excited. I had baby ultrasounds on the bathroom wall and Niall had two in his wallet. So after I got dressed I ate breakfast and then we where off to the doctors. As soon as we got there I heard my name and this time Maura and Bobby were with us. So Mrs. Horan got called and Maura would not stop telling the doctors and me and Niall that, that's not my name or I'm not married to Niall. *KEEGANS POV* Why the heck does she hate me I have done nothing... I'm done with her. While we all were walking to the ultrasound room I heard Maura whisper "Niall could do so much better" Right after she said that I got in her face and yelled "LEAVE ME ALONE, SORRY NIALL LOVES ME NOT YOU!! GET OVER YOURSELF!! LEAVE I DON'T WANT YOU HERE"! Then after Niall took me away trying to calm me down after I was calm I went up to her and said "When this baby comes me and Niall are moving out of Millungar and you won't hold you grandson or granddaughter, I can assure you on that." After I said that see slapped me and Niall sprung into action as I was on the floor crying Bobby took me into the room and Niall started yelling at his mum so loud the whole office could hear. "DON'T YOU EVER LAY A HAND ON HER AGAIN!!!! YOU MAY BE MY MUM BUT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER MORE!!"  And as that she left and we had our ultrasound. I cried the whole time and my face was starting to bruise."Babe are you OK?" "Yeah I'm fine" I just hated the fact she hit me. She could have hurt the baby. Niall was mad the entire night. I told  him I was fine and after we just stayed in all day. I called my parents and they are leaving there house right now. They will be here late tonight. So it was now lunch time and we had PB&J. After our realtor called and said she wanted us to meet her at a house she found. So we drove and drove and we met her at this beautiful house. It had 4 bedrooms, basement, walk in closet, a great room for a nursery, work out room, and a beautiful kitchen. I asked her how much and it was right in our price range. So we asked if anyone else had placed a price on it and we where the first ones. So we got the house and we called everyone! It was so beautiful. When we got back to our flat my mom and dad where there! I ran and gave them a hug and then introduced them to Niall. "Mom and Dad meet my boyfriend Niall Horan." "Nice to meet you" my mom said. then after we went out to dinner and talked about what I have been doing and feeling, about how much Niall does. Then after we got our bill. We left. When we got back to our flat we put a movie on for my mom and dad. While they where watching a movie we where talking and packing. After the movie was done my mom and dad got us a present. It was a baby doll. It screamed and whined and pooped and peed. I told them ''It was very nice of you to do this to get us ready but mom and dad its already stressful enough being pregnant at least when the baby comes him/her and Niall will be my main focus.'' "Alright then." So then we went to bed. Niall was talking to our baby and then we dozed off. "Goodnight goofball I love you.'' And I kissed his cheek goodnight.

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