Nialls New Rommies

This is story about Niall Horan and Keegan Berry. Niall moves back to Ireland to move into his old house but when he discovers that Greg and his wife live there, he must find his own house to live in. So when he finds a nice apartment he needs a roommate. He searches and until the beautiful, young, and amazing new girl, Keegan moves in and they discover more than just being roommates.. See what happens with Niall and Keegan in this comedy,drama, filled Movella! **RATED R MUST BE 16!!


5. Month 3

"TIME TO GET UPPPPP" I woke up to Niall singing that over and over until I got up I forgot that we had a doctors visit at 7:00AM. Why did I do that this early. "Niall can we get breakfast on the way?" "Yes babe of course what would you want" Anything food. We got some McDonalds and ate it on the way. When we get to the doctors right away I hear "Mrs.Horan" And with that we went in you know the usual we cried together than walked out and got home and called Maura we also discuss that fact that my family does not know about me or Niall or my pregnancy. So I decided to call them. I dialed the number and after the 3rd ring my older brother Brandon picked up the phone. I could not believe it I was about to tell my family and every one was there so I told him to put it on speaker I said "Before you guys say anything let me finish, when I moved to London I found a flat and I had to find a roommate and that roommate believe it or not was Niall Horan yes yes my crush since I was in 5th grade, I wanted to tell you sooner but I just got my phone switched and then I lost my numbers but we have been dating for 8 months and now I have been pregnant for three. I know what your all thinking, I'm not married yet but this baby thing was a freak accident. We did not plan it but we have been together and still are together and he is a great boyfriend we have talked about getting married after the baby is born but we love eachother and he goes to all my doctor visits and we are going to pay for mom and dad to come out her for a week or so next month so I will be showing and you can see me" OK now I will take words I heard Carson yell "I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!" "Yes and uncle and grandpa and grandma." I cannot believe I told them everything, but it was worth it. "I cannot wait for you all to meet see you soon love you guys!" As I said good bye it was lunch time and we agreed we would go to Mauras for lunch and I cannot wait to show her more pictures of our little Horan. As we where walking to the car a fan came up to me and told me that I was her role model and she wanted a picture with both of us. And we gave her one. After she left we got in the car and drove to Mauras house when we walked in Amanda jumped right on me and would not get off me she wanted to know everything from how I felt and how I wanted to go to bed so often. I told her and Maura everything while Greg and Niall played pool. I really wanted Maura and Bobby and Amanda and Greg come to one of my ultrasounds so I first invited Maura and Bobby. They were both so excited  to meet there grandbaby. Amanda wanted to go last because her and Greg had something to do that next doctors visit. So we ate lunch and then Maura and Bobby gave us some of Niall's old paint from when they did the nursery It was blue, so we wanted it to be a boy. After that we went back to our flat. I told Niall, "We need to buy a small house." Why"? "Because I want our baby to live in his own room where we can paint the nursery and what if we need to move out this is a place of collage kids not some where to raise a family." So after I told him about how we need to move he called a relator. Her name was Grace Myers. She was very nice and she found us the next day. So after we called her it was about dinner time and Niall and I ordered take out. After that I was not as tired as usual but I still was laying down. We watch some TV for about 2 hours then we watched a movie called "Love Actually" Niall's Favorite. After the movie we went to bed I said I love you Niall and he said I love you Keegan. And then the baby talk came this time I stayed awake for them. "I cannot wait for you to be born baby, I really hope your a boy so I can teach you how to play futball. I love you both more than anything in the world. Goodnight baby girl and my baby.

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