Nialls New Rommies

This is story about Niall Horan and Keegan Berry. Niall moves back to Ireland to move into his old house but when he discovers that Greg and his wife live there, he must find his own house to live in. So when he finds a nice apartment he needs a roommate. He searches and until the beautiful, young, and amazing new girl, Keegan moves in and they discover more than just being roommates.. See what happens with Niall and Keegan in this comedy,drama, filled Movella! **RATED R MUST BE 16!!


3. Month 1

I awoke to Niall shaking me to wake up because he was really excited to see our baby for the first time. The clock on the table said 7:11 so I woke up and showered as I was showering I smelled bacon! Niall knows I love bacon and since I have been pregnant I have been craving it. I hopped out of my warm shower and noticed it was now 7:23 I put on make as normal and then I put on blue jeans and a one of Harry's old ramones t-shirt he left here awhile back. Niall told me I had a nice sense of style. He looking like a beach bum I told him he needed to change into jeans and a t-shirt. So he did and he looked hot! I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep so I did on the way to the doctors office. We got there at 7:35 and when we checked in I curled up to Niall and I waited for my name to be called. As soon as I heard Mrs. Horan I jumped up! "Mrs. Horan hey that has a ring to it babe" Niall said happily. "So Keegan any symptoms yet" the doctor asked. "Yes" Niall blurted out...Oh sorry. "haha" I laughed and then I spoke. "Morning sickness, lazyness, I have been very tired". "That sounds about right". The doctor said chuckling. So after he told me to lay down I got the jelly on my stomach and around he went. Niall could not stop smiling and as the same for me. "Aw ha'' the doctor said as I knew he found a heartbeat. I started crying and so did Niall and as soon as we heard it Niall said ... "I love you" ''I guess I love you too". I chuckled. After the doctors we went to Mauras house and showed her the pictures of the baby and showed her the video Niall took on his phone of the babies heartbeat. I loved it and even cried again! I love this baby even though it is not born yet. I cannot stop thinking about it. Niall talks to our baby every night saying things like.. "I can't wait till you're born, I really want to see you. He is the sweetest and I can tell he will be a great dad. "Hey babe whats for lunch"? "What do you want?" "I don't as long as its food." So we ended up having left over chicken and it was amazing! "I really hate being pregnant" "WHY"? "Because I'm always hungry!" "Oh babe your perfect." "I love you just for that. It was around dinner time and we had just got done watching a movie called "Beastly." it was about 9:00 and I was passed out on Niall's lap with him holding on to me he woke me up for two reasons. One: He wanted me to be cozy in our own bed and he wanted to say good night to our baby. "Goodnight babe and baby" I love you both so much" "We love you to daddy." And with that all of us went to bed happy.

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