What Really Happened In Pompeii

With a title alike to 'What Really Happened In Peru- The Bane Chronicles' by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about a girl living in Pompeii. Little does she know about all the secrets of mystery and magic hiding in every dark corner of the ancient town...


3. Un Mondo Nascosto

I woke up in a large room with a high ceiling, I gasped with pain as I sat up.

The door creaked open and a woman came in, she looked like the boy who had saved me yesterday... After he turned into a wolf.

"I'm Fabia, you don't have to be scared of me I promise," Fabia said and settled down on the end of my bed with a tray of bread and water. She passed it to me softly. "Eat; I'm sure you're hungry.  I'll wait outside the door for you to finish."

At that she lightly squeezed my hand and left.

I did as she said and in no time at all we were walking down small stone hallways.

We reached a grand open room where a few people were sitting.

"Allow me to introduce everyone," Fabia came close next to me and held onto one of my arms soft and reassuringly.

She started with the muscular looking man and introduced him as Leonzio, a werewolf.

Next a small but fierce looking woman with short red hair called Imelda, a faerie.

Next was a boy of medium height, he was slim and dark-looking. His name was Tonino, a vampire.

Next was Tonino's older sister who was just like him but her hair was frizzy and voluminous. Her name was Nina, who was vampire too.

There was a boy about sixteen sitting by Tonino called Felice. He was slightly smaller looking than Tonino but not short. He was a faerie.

There was one last man sitting around the table. He had hair that danced and sparkled and something about the way he sat with authority told me he wasn't that young. His name was Mario, and he was a warlock.

Mario stood and offered me his hand, he even sparkled when he moved, "Alessa, meet me in my room after you have gotten to know everyone."

"What will we be doing?"

"Oh, you know, hunting elephants..." He laughed at my confused expression and spoke again. "You need to learn spells, you're powerful. I can feel it."

He left and suddenly the room looked as though something was missing out of it. The door shut behind Mario but then opened back up again. The boy who saved me walked in.

He walked slowly towards the table making us all turn our heads at his soft foot falls.

"Alessa, this is my son, Carlo."


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