What Really Happened In Pompeii

With a title alike to 'What Really Happened In Peru- The Bane Chronicles' by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about a girl living in Pompeii. Little does she know about all the secrets of mystery and magic hiding in every dark corner of the ancient town...


6. La Fine

"We need to kill all of The Fire Circle!" Leonzio argued, everyone sat on the hill watching Pompeii in a sulk.

"Leonzio! We can't return! There are to many of them," Mario argued back.

"Is there not anything we can do from here?" I asked Mario. "Any kind of magic to protect the city from the eruption and the other supernaturals?"

"If we keep The Fire Circle alive down there they will turn every single person in the city into a monster..." Leonzio began.

"I know how we can do this," Mario exclaimed, but he looked at me with worried eyes. "Ales, you have to help me though this is going to be powerful magic..."

He explained his plan to us all. Even though it was going to cause a lot of death, it was our last hope.

Mario and I sat on the floor and were carved out symbols and whispered magic. I didn't think I knew what I was doing but in the end Mario looked at me and we were ready to do the last spell.

We held hands in a circle around our carving, everyone else stood back and watched with timid eyes.

We said the spell and the ground lit up like a blue fire. Sparks flew around us and glittered, the spell took instant effect and a cloud of rubble, stone and dust stormed down the side of Vesuvius and hit Pompeii. The cloud suffocated every person and thing still in and around Pompeii.

We stood back and looked at the city. Mario was the first to talk.

"Well then, Ales. Look at the mess we made!" I couldn't help but smile at his humor even though I was sad to have destroyed my home.



Night fell quickly and we started moving towards the capital, Rome, to find other supernaturals fighting against evil that we could stay with.

Mario and I were weak and we walked together behind everyone else.

"Was that really the only thing we could have done?" I asked in a small voice.

Mario stopped and looked down at me; I had never really noticed before how tall he was.

He said nothing instead he bent his head down and shortly kissed my lips. It came as a shock but it was nice.

He smiled a cheeky little smile and said, "Come on now. Together we can make twice as much mischief that I normally do."

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