What Really Happened In Pompeii

With a title alike to 'What Really Happened In Peru- The Bane Chronicles' by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about a girl living in Pompeii. Little does she know about all the secrets of mystery and magic hiding in every dark corner of the ancient town...


1. Il Segreto Magico

It was another warm night, everyone was in our villa or outside in our courtyard chatting and celebrating my brother’s engagement. Literally almost everyone in Pompeii was here.

There were some orders being called out and everyone went inside for further celebrations and speeches but I didn't go.

I shut my eyes, when I opened my eyes again a boy stood in front of me.

"Get up, it’s dangerous out here. Bad things happen in the dark," he pulled me up and started pushing me towards the door into the house. He was slender and his pale skin reflected the moons blue shine.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I turned and asked him, up close his eyes were bright and he had a muscular looking face.

He pushed me closer to the door without answering. I walked towards the light thinking the boy had followed me but when I turned he had disappeared.

All the guests had started to move now and a band was playing some slow music, quite a few people were dancing slowly together. My brother, Jude, ran up to me beaming.

"Ales, I was just looking for you, father wants you outside the front of the villa where it's quiet," he smiled at me.

Slowly, I made my way to the front door to find my father. As I walked out the front door I could still hear the music behind me but I couldn't see my father. The door shut behind me leaving me mostly in the dark.

Listening closely I could here some noises coming from the alley beside the villa so I headed towards them. When I turned the corner my father lay on the floor barely moving. A dark figure hovered beside him on the ground when the figure turned I could see he was a man but his eyes were rose red and blood dribbled from his mouth.

The man swiftly grabbed both my arms and shoved me against the wall with such force it knocked the air out my lungs.

My head throbbed and I dared look away from the man's devil red eyes. Most of his chin was covered in blood. My father's blood. Had he been sucking his blood?

"Alessio, your daughter is very attractive, why has she not been betrothed yet? She will make a good queen of The Fire Circle..."

"Antonio, get away from her..."

I shook my arms attempting to break away but I couldn't he tightened his grip on me and I could feel his sharp finger nails dig into my skin like a dagger.

When he drew back he showed off his teeth. His canines were extended and I gasped as he quickly went to bite my neck with his sharp teeth.

I was knocked to the ground and when I opened my eyes the boy who threatened me earlier lay on top of the evil man. The boy growled and turned into a gigantic wolf right before my eyes; I screeched. The wolf picked up the man in his teeth and sprinted away leaving me behind with a dead body...

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