This is for the city of bones contest!enjoy!


1. Adventures

1.                                                                                                                                                       My name is Courtney Love and I am seventeen years old. I live in the town of Hot Springs,Arkansas. And what I don't know about my life is it is about to change exponentially.                                                                                            I woke up like it was any other day to get ready for school,so I take a shower,get dressed,and grab my school bag.                                                        As I drive to school I can't help to think that my life is changing as we speak and there is a whole new world I didn't  even know existed.                                    I arrive at school five minutes later and I get out of my car and look across the lot. As I look it appears the is a boy staring at me from his car. I begin to walk to my first class when I'm stopped by the meanest girl in school.Sarah Linheart. "Just so you no Courtney...the new kid over there,"I turn my head as she points,"is keep your little grimy hand off!" "As if I would want anything to do with him...not my type....I barley even talk to anyone so there is no point...." I continue to walk and arrive at my first class and see a small note on my desk. I look around the class and notice the new student is in our class. He is so perfect...sandy blonde hair,slim face,small nose...everything with this guy is perfection! I  pick up the note and read the small wrighting. "You are a very special you need to meet me outside in five minutes so I can explain..."signed X. I fold the note up and wait for the five minutes to past. I walk up to Mr.Coles desk and say,"May I got to the restroom?" "Sure Mrs. Linheart...." He says quit calmly. I walk out the door and head for outside the building. I can't believe that I didn't notice that the new kid left class...he was standing right in front of me. "Are you X?" I say shyly. He grins softly and says," name is Xaveir....I got some things I need to explain to you....." I'm  hesitant for a minute them shake my head. I really do want to no what is going on. "I am a worrier that come from another world here to guard are our princess that was sent away when you were a baby for your safety..." I shake my head in shock and say,"You said you were a worrier ...what do you fight against?" He is hesitant like he new what I would ask then began to look nervous,"I fight demons....I protect the innocent..."I look at him  with a small smile in my face,"We're do we start the fighting..." He puffs up his chest and says," are not don't known the first thing about protecting yourself furthermore how to fight a demon.." " I no enough to stay alive ...thank you very much..."He cut me off with a slight anger in his voice and says,"You won't be fighting and that is fin--" He is cut off by loud sound that we come to realize as breaking glass. He braces his body in front of mine and pulls out two swords then swings me behind his back. I look over his shoulder and see and ugly pink blob about eight feet tall stand in forint of us. It has one eye and sharp pointed teeth coming out of an opening that is probably the mouth.  Xavier swings his swords and charges at the blob . It screams in pain and then falls to the ground with sliver liquid pouring out of its wound.Its whole body then melts and seeps through the ground and Xavier turns and walks to me. "Are you ok?" I shake my head in shock and he pulls my hand and drags me to his car.I buckle my seatbelt and turn as he sits in the driver seat,"What was that thing?" I ask in a really shocked voice."That is one of the many kinds of demons...they are probably sent to capture you...." He starts to drive and I wonder were we are going."Where are you taking me?" I ask with a shaky voice. He turns his head and looks at me,"We are going to a safe house in downtown Hot I can protect you better..."

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