Demons in wait

FOR CITY OF BONES COMPETITION: Eva has moved to the city of Watershead (that part is made up ;)) to only find a surprise.


1. Short story

Eva Greer had just moved to the city of Watershead. A city that was named famously after the lake that broke the city in to two different sections. The title of the city had come about from the water of the lake quite literally coming to a head. It flowed deep under ground, however for the sake of visual aspects it had been dubbed Watershead.

The lake flowed from a church built in the 14th century. Huge stain glass windows with jewelled colours of sapphire, emerald and ruby dazzled on the lake surface when sunlight hit it in the right spot. It was cold and musty but Eva didn't mind it in there. There was something eerie about this town, something that gave you goosebumps running along your skin. She felt protected in the church. She wasn't religious, there was just a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that ceased when she was sitting on a rather uncomfortable pew, staring ahead at a figure of Jesus.

Shifting in her seat, rubbing the small of her back in soothing circles she expelled a sigh. This had not been the adventure she was hoping for this summer. So far it had been dull. Eva had tried to communicate with the local teenagers. They always had an expression of disdain, with an eyebrow cocked and lips frowning. One had even sniffed in her direction, as if she was giving off an unpleasant smell. This bothered her enough to the point she checked that she did in fact not smell, when she returned home.

A rustling at the back of the church by the huge oak double doors pulled Eva out of her haze. Turning her head curiously, with her eyebrows furrowed. The silence was being disturbed by what seemed like the sound of someone forcibly trying to yank the doors open. Pushing up from the pew, she went to investigate. Keeping her feet light on the cobbled stone to avoid causing attention or alarm to herself by a possible robber, she began to approach the noise.

A deep grunting came just as Eva weaved herself towards the noise.
Letting out a tentative whisper, she called out to the air.

With one large grunt from the other side of the doors, bright flashing sunlight caught Eva straight in the eye, momentarily blinding her. She was greeted by a young man. He was around the same height as Eva, with dark brown hair curling around his chin. His eyes narrowed down at her, piercing green halos around the blackest pupils she had seen in all her life. Perhaps the light had blinded her more than she thought.

Stepping backwards from the young man, who had quickly hopped behind the doors, shoving them shut with a hard push from his shoulders. He was made of muscle, the term 'shredded' came to Eva's mind. She was in a haze, watching him as he pulled a large wooden umbrella left behind in a rack nearby the door in to position, barring the doors.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She squealed at him in shock. She was now locked inside with someone who for all she knew could be a axe wielding murderer.

"I'm on hallowed ground. That's what," he snapped back in response. It reminded of Eva a dog she had encountered as a child. All bite and no play.

"What does hallowed ground have anything to do with locking me in with you?" Her tone was irritable. The first person she encountered that actually was willing to have a conversation with her clearly was not all together there.

"It's what I'm locking out." He looked right at her now, her blonde hair in tangles where she was now vigorously brushing her hair with her fingers.

Eva couldn't help but burst out in to laughter.

"What, the local kids? They sure are unpleasant, huh?"

"Oh, ha-ha. Comedian?"

"If you'd kindly let me out, I'd rather not stay here with somebody as arrogant as you," Eva said with pursed lips. She approached the boy, pushing past him. Settling her hand down upon the door handle she felt his presence, his body inches from her. A hand painfully gripping her upper arm. A spark ran across her skin, a tingling burn left in it's place.

"You cannot open that door," he said with all seriousness.

"Why?" She asked quizzically. She had begun to think the local teenagers were playing a prank on her, testing to see the extent of her supposed craziness.

"You wouldn't believe me."

"Go ahead," Eva shot back.

"Really? So you're going to believe me when I say demons are real and are right out side that door?" He asked with a stern mocking.

Eva burst into laughter, her hand placed against her stomach to staunch it.

"Always the same," he grumbled under his breath.

"You don't seriously expect me to believe that do you?"

"Of course not. You just wait till they find a way to break down that door."

"If it's hallowed, surely we are protected?" Eva asked with a eyebrow raised, now mocking him.

A thud crashed against the door, pushing on the wood so heavily the bolts moved a fraction. Eva flinched in response, all colour draining from her face. Turning her head slowly from the door with eyes as large as a deers in headlights she set her gaze upon the young man.

"What was that?"

The boy only pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a deep sigh.

"You - you weren't kidding were you?" Eva asked, as quiet as a mouse.


"Is that all? You aren't going to explain to me how demons exist and why they are after you?"

He removed his hand from his face. "Every single one of you, always the same. Why must you question what is in front of you? Is that not evidence enough?"

"Don't you take a tone with me - I'm not the one with demons chasing after me!" Eva crossed her arms over her body, hugging herself tightly.

Another crashing thud came against the door. The bolts were physically rattling now.

"What is going to happen when they break down that door?" Eva asked, frightened. Her voice was strained with fear, her lips tight and face even paler.

"You're going to help me fight them."

Concern washed over her face.

"Who even are you?"

"I'm Leo. I'm an angel. Technically, my status is fallen. But still."

"Leo," she contemplated the word on her tongue. "And how exactly are you fallen? What bad deed did you do to get chucked out of God's circle?"

"I didn't. I had my wings ripped out by demons at birth. You get some lovely scars to boot."

Eva felt the pit in her stomach drop. She felt bile rise in her throat, a heady mixture of dizziness turning her world in to a blurry haze.

"Are you alright?" Leo asked, a note of concern in his voice. Jumping up from his seat, he steadied Eva - a spark coursing through the both of them. He gulped down the knot that formed in his throat.

"Turn your back to me," he whispered softly to her.

"No," she said with determination. Her hands went up protectively to her back. Eva had always been told that the scars came about from a mirror falling on her. She had always hidden herself away because of the abusive and torment they caused for being 'disfigured.' Hot tears were spilling down her eyes as she did everything she could to avoid being sick.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

"You have them, don't you?" Leo asked, that aggressive tone of his returning. His hand touched her lower back, a fiery sensation so hot that Eva squealed.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

"I thought I was just - I thought... What even is this? Is this just some joke?"

"It most certainly isn't."

"Then what are you telling me? I'm a fallen angel?! That is nonsense, stuff of dreams and nightmares."

Thud. Thud. Both of them glanced towards the door. A notable split in the wood, the bolts hanging off enough for one more thud to crash the entire thing down.

Leo got in to action. His hands started to fumble in his pockets, in to his bag, pulling an array of weapons out. With three long strides he reached the bowl that contained holy water. Dipping daggers, knives, and one rather large sword in to the water he started mentally preparing himself. Going through the training that other fallen angels had taught him.

This town was corrupt. The water that should have protected one side of Watershead from the side infected with demons had been tainted somehow. They could cross easily now, the recent crime level the humans had been scared of was the war between angels and demons.

"I'm scared," Eva stuttered as Leo returned to her. He forced her hand open, away from her back placing a blade dripping with holy water.

"You should be."

"What encouraging words," she dryly said.

A crash, a crack of wood, the noise of bolts scattering across the cobbled floor sent the adrenaline coursing through both their bodies. A menacing hum came from the doorway, both demons with heads cocked to the side sniffing the air.

"You can't hide forever, Leo," the voice said. It was high pitched like a woman.

Eva's hands began to shake as the silhouettes of demons, who looked like humans approached her. The man caught her with his eyes immediately, a evil contained in them. The whole of his eyes were filled with black.

"What a surprise, a two for one deal today?" It cackled.

"I don't know, I don't fancy demon guts for dinner," Leo replied in a taunting voice.

Both male and female launched at them without warning. The force of the female knocking Eva to the floor, clawing her fingernails across Eva's face. Eva blindly responded by slashing the blade at the demon, cutting the flesh on her arm. A blue ooze of liquid dripped down on to her clothing, burning a hole in it.

"Mind the blood, it's toxic!" Leo grunted at her as he fought off the male. His stabbing was precise, every blow catching the man with a brilliant defense that had so far left him unharmed.

Eva pushed up with all her weight, moving the demon off her body. She tried to mimic Leo, taking the knife in hand and plunging it down in to the woman's body. She hissed like a cat up at Eva, although it did not deter her. Eva's screams were cancelling out the demon's, screaming for the anger that she was in this situation and the fright she was feeling. The woman had begun to go limp under her after the second stab.

Sweat dripped from the nape of Eva's neck and forehead, an irregular pant taking over her normal breathing pattern. She turned towards Leo, who stood there staring. His mouth was in the shape of an O, a male demon at his feet, stiff with death.

"I was not expecting that."

"What?" Eva asked.

"That. For a first attack, you did well," the tone of surprise in his voice made the corners of Eva's mouth turn upwards.

"Thank you...?" She responded.

Leo only nodded. He got to work quickly, pouring holy water over the pair of demons, slowly watching them fizzle away into the cobblestone.

"Is there more where they came from?"

"There is a whole world out there. Filled with demons, of things that go bump in the night. And you're only just discovering it."

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