The Perse Scimiter

Laura or 'Wisdom' as she is nicknamed is a hunter, hunting the supernatural and un dead since the age of 14, since her uncle -her only living relative - had been found brutally attacked by a vampire. Her most recent case was the 24 hours, 12 dead in which she thinks a demon is up to it old tricks, ripping apart the bodies of 12 humans, but before she even has a chance to burn the demon with salt or holy water she is whisked away to an unknown kingdom, confused and slightly pissed Laura is given one of the most impossible tasks, to find the Perse Scimiter, a sword that kills anyting and everything and then save her beloved planet earth from massacre attack of demons that could wipe out a nation in days, is she up to it?


1. Quest

I sighed, rubbing my head in frustration, another 12 dead just in the time of 24 hours  it had happened twice in the last six months and no one could figure out why and how this was happening to us. Each victim would be found in their home, face and body ripped apart, detached from each other, you would barely be able to work out who the damn person was.

James Thornton was the last of the 12 victims, I found him myself whilst I had been pondering around the grounds of Belmont Avenue, and red liquid of his blood was the first thing I noticed, splattered across his front porch window in the most gruesomely manor of course a normal person would be able to notice the attack in broad daylight and think of it was just another ghastly murder or tragic suicide, but at 2:30 in the morning I don’t think so, only a trained hunter like myself and a few others would be able to spot this type of sign of a mile away this not just your average murder, this was an attack a supernatural one at that. I planned to call the police but not for another few hours, I’m sure the stupid bastards could wait, I needed to examine the place maybe find a break in, if not scan every room and smell out the unearthly attacker.  

I bent down to gaze at the body of my former ally, his head had been ripped from his body and the collar bone was laying right next to the bloodied head, one of his eyes were missing and his face had three deep knife wounds scraped across the face, the brain was visible with the noticeable perfect hole in the back of his head, my gloves were dyed red now, blood soaking into my gloves. I pulled myself off the ground and moved myself to the body, which was, I would say, 5 metres away from the head. Bending down again I scraped my hand over his body, well I say body it looked like a mangled mess of bones muscle and blood, I frowned as I saw one of his organs were missing or had be misplaced, his heart looked like it had been clawed out of his body, so this guy must have a taste in hearts, contented with my examination I yanked the fowl gloves off my hands and placed them in a plastic bag, which I then shoved into rucksack, I mentally made I note in my head to get rid of that don’t want any dried blood in my bag.

I walked over to the back of the house and stood in front of the undersized window, looking out at his overgrown garden, I had three suspects which could be doing these attacks, firstly a Vampyren or the vampire as most people called them, they could just be bored and looking for a bite to eat, but I couldn’t find a reason as to why they would steal the heart, that’s not a normal thing that the undead would do. My second thought was the Mesopotamia, this type of demon supposedly entered the body and caused disease and seized the victim. And my last suspect was the Dybbuk supposedly the spirit of a dead sinner, who sadly didn’t make it to the afterlife; they inhabit their victims and torture them to insanity, not nice.  

Suddenly I squinted my eyes and coughed a few times, a foul smell entered my nostrils the spell of rotten eggs, garbage and sick. That, was defiantly the smell of a demon I was sure of, I swung my rucksack over my shoulder and legged it out of the door and into the garden, I jumped over the weeds and plants and paused there was a pretty damn tall fence in the way of me and my demon ‘friend’. I lunged my rucksack over the wooden structure and tuned myself to climbing mode, I was over the fence within seconds. I quickly got back my footing and followed the awful scent.

I was now in the forest, it was basically pitch black and even I could barely see anything. I abruptly stopped as I saw the faint outline of a figure ahead of me, I frown with confusion, the figure was a vampire one. I gripped my salt and holy water eve tighter and glanced to make sure I had the stake tied onto my belt, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, when my eyes lost focus .

And then darkness.




I sharply breathed inwards as I slammed into a wall, I clicked my neck and winced as I opened eyes. Where the hell am I?! I thought angrily, I slammed my bag on the stood and, stumbling a bit, successfully stood up and stretched out my posture and whipping my body around I took in my unusual surroundings. A sliver, almost transparent room with blue covering a large majority of the walls and then there was a throne, right at the end of the room but no people it was absolutely silent. Or so I thought. A warm hand gently touched my shoulder, I whisked around and automatically went into attack mode, put stopped as I saw a gathering a men, or elf? I wasn’t too sure.

“Don’t worry child, we are not going to hurt you in any form, we want to help you” The man who touched my shoulder spoke, very gently.

“Number one, I am NOT a child! And number two who do you think you are!? Taking me away like that!” I roared fiercely.

“Fair play, Wisdom and we are the Elves of Gueetania, and we need you to go on a... trip, to find a special kind of weapon, to save our world from invasion”

“Why should I help you?” I muttered, pointing my finger at him, feeling pretty impatient.

“You will be rewarded”  The Elf said simply, I rolled my eyes, unimpressed by his answer.

“Why did you choose me?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“We chose many of your kind to help us in this quest, the best hunters of the Earth, as you are to repay us as we saved your Planet over 1000 years”

I paused, I must of read about this somewhere in one of uncles books but brushed it off as a fantasy.

“Wait are you talking about the Perse Scimiter? That sword that was forged by…D-dwarfs?” I said, unbelievably.

“That exact artefact” He confirmed. From the story I had read the Perse Scimiter was a rumor and apparently forged by dwarfs which, until today, I didn’t believe in and thought that dwarfs were bollocks. But the sword was buried deep underground and all types of evil were trying to stop it from being pinched. So this was my challenge. I smirked.

“So, what do I get?” I asked again, looking at the Elf who was smiling at me.

“Anything and a title of one of our greatest heroes” He answered again, very simply.

I pondered around the room and raised my eyebrow, undying greatness, what an amazing thing to have.

“I’ll take it” I murmured, unsure of if I were to survive this.

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