Trying to be seen

meet Anne a girl who passes to middle and things gave a twist especially in frinship and love. she has to fight to be seen


3. The wood box



Yesterday it was a very strange day the truth is that I wasn’t expecting to see Harry again, and the worst thing of everything is that my mom already knew that Harry would return and at least she didn’t bothered to say it to me.

Today in the evening it was so boring that decide to clean my room I was in that when I found a box of wood painted with very brilliant colors, the box apparently has been in my desk for years and I didn’t even remember wherefrom it went out. 

I was trying to remember but I wasn’t achieving it, until finally I remembered, it is the box that Harry and I paint together, I couldn’t believe that I continued having it.

I opened and found a few letters that obviously I opened to see them, they were from Harry and were really beautiful. They were speaking about how he misses me and of the difficult thing that was to change school having a great life

I Stop reading all and million recollections came to my head, we were like brothers. But what I couldn’t understand was why did he stop sending me letters? I’m sure he forgot me.




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