Trying to be seen

meet Anne a girl who passes to middle and things gave a twist especially in frinship and love. she has to fight to be seen


4. Luke Carter's party



Today in the school I received the invitation for Luke Carter's party, he invite to the whole class so I suppose that it will be a great party.

when I came to my house I started seeing what clothes could I use for the party while  speaking with Mary on video call. We were putting in agreement to do our make up  together and later  go away to the party.



 Mary and Britney came to my house after the school. We ate, chatted a bit and later do our make up. Mary and Britney were looking really good.


Britney was dressed like this

Mary was dressed like this

And I was dressed liked this

I really like our clothes but I think that Britney and Mary are dressed like in the same colors but what can I say they look really good. 

It was time for the party an we went there, the decoration was really cool and ther was a lot of food. Mary, Britney and I were sitting in a sofa when i heard my celphone ringing. I answer the call and it was Harry! 

He told me to go to the park that was in front of the party.

I went there and saw him sitting on a bench. I sat next to him and ask him

"why do you want me to come here?"

and he answer me 

"because I want to talk with you and it will be dificult with all that music"

we started to talk about lots of things when it started to rain and we ran to the party but  before we were there I slipped with a puddle and thanks God Harry was there and catch me before i fall, and then he kissed me it was my first kiss and I can't belive it was with him. the kiss was kind of magic. I think I'm in love with him!


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