Trying to be seen

meet Anne a girl who passes to middle and things gave a twist especially in frinship and love. she has to fight to be seen


2. Harry?



I think I'm already tired of regulations and explanations like" raise your hand to speak" or "don't run in the corridors", I actually think that it has nonsense that they say that because otherwise everyone even the teachers know that we don't keep it for whatever.

I am apparently not the only tired I turned to see my classmates and they are literally sleeping. There cannot be a more fun way of waiting for these 45 minutes of class?

I'm sure it will be a very long year! And I know it because today I was in the cafeteria making row and someone with a tray of food dropped all the food on me it wasn't on purpose but I was paralyzed when I started to hear a familiar voice, lift the head to see who was and I couldn't believe it, actually I thought I was dreaming.

It was harry styles! My best friend when I was in kindergarten. Wow the years have passed so fast! It's been to long since the last time I saw him.

The last time I saw him we were scorched and crying because we were not going to see in a long time.  he is from England and lived here because his dad was transferred in their work and at the end of our last year in kindergarten, his father returned to be transferred to England.

 After remembering our history, I hear he was telling me how he felt it and if needed a little help to clean me. I saw him in the eyes and I could see once more his beautiful green eyes, we had something like a visual contact and the only thing that occurred to me to say was "harry?" When he hug me affectionately.

"Careful I can spot you" I told him  "I don't care, it's been so long since the las time i saw you and actually I missed you a lot" he told me.

I went to the bathdroom to clean me and then went to the table where Harry was waiting for me. We started talking about our lives until recess end. We went together to the classroom and we discovered that we were in the same group, I was really happy.

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