Trying to be seen

meet Anne a girl who passes to middle and things gave a twist especially in frinship and love. she has to fight to be seen


1. First day of school

"Life is not always as you imagine, sometimes you lost and sometimes you win, but you always have to try to forget the bad  things of the past and take them as lessons of life, which put into practice every day".    






  It is difficult to believe that someone like me say these words, in reality this don't passes through the head of the people. I'm the kind of girl that people don't see, which they believe is quiet and don't care what happens in her life.  

Tomorrow is the first day of school, last year was okay and I hope that this year will be better.  My grades  are not the best, but I try to maintain my 8.    I'm a little nervous because of  the change from elementary to middle,  it,s hard to think that it's been 6 years since I enter to this school. 

   I can't wait to see my best friend Mary because we spend all summer without seeing us and I want to tell her all my summer vacations. 




  Today I woke up excited but tired at the same time, I wore my new uniform and went down to have breakfast. Shortly after my mom was waiting at the car and took us to school. 

  Finally I was in school but i didn't know were to go so I started to see room by room until I found my name on a list that was on a door , I open it and came in, saw Mary and sat next to her waiting to talk , but the teacher had already arrived.  

She explained a little of  how it was going to be the year, and I think I'm a little scared.   Thanks God the class was over I was starting to feel it would be eternal. The teacher finally got out of the classroom and Mary and I hug as a kind of signal that we miss. 

  We start talking and 5 minutes later the following teacher was in the classroom. I couldn't  believe that they gave us 5 minutes between classes, actually i thing they are going to be like a break .    Recess arrived and Mary and I were  ready to leave when I heard that someone spoke to me, I turn around and was Britney Anderson! she was my best friend in second grade, I couldn't believe she was really talking to me, if you ask it's been like 3 years we spoke, or even say hello.   

 She ask if she could be with us obviously I said yes but inside I didn't understand what was happening.   We talked all recess until it finish and  then we went back to class. Later the school was finally over and I have to say that it wasn't to heavy because they were pure explanations of how things functioned.  

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