Forbbiden Love

His eyes , smile,looks,personality, She loved it all , She didn't know how it happened but she loved him , But it was not ment to happen.


1. The meeting

She loved him deeply , Oh how she longed for his touch , To hear his voice was almost orgasmic.

She met him at work , She didn't know anything about him not even his name. She didn't  have to , too know that she was in-love with him. 

They talked and laughed everyday during their lunch break together,

Not only that but sometimes she would get a pat on the shoulder, wich wasn't much but it was enough for her, any little touch of affection was enough , he was all she wanted all she hoped and dreamed about, It was like he was meant for her but she didn't know how to get him.

Months past , And then a year goes by , One day as she was walking into work she smiled and shyly said hello , but no response , he walked out of the work place and went home , and on that day she was upset because he didn't say hello back , she wondered if he heard her or what was troubling him , she wanted to know .

As time went by it has been three weeks since she has seen her love ,  And on one day he tried to approach her with a smile but he looked as if he was nervous or to shy.. she didn't say hello to him or anything she just kept working , he turned back around and left , no noise , no warning , just left , AZ few more weeks pass and she finds out he quit his job , and moved , 45 years pass She is 70 yrs old, no children , no husband , no pets, she was dying slowly and terribly , One morning right beore her death , she found the man she loved for all those years, and spent the last momet she had with him , No one knows what was said between the two but as the men carried her out in a body bag they found a rng on her finger, as if the man proposed , the man was never to be seen again , and the woman died with a smile on her face.

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