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  • Published: 30 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 31 Jul 2013
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Echo Brooke has always known her density. She would at the age of 18 be sent to New York city to be evaluated. Little did she know everything would change...


1. stopping at new york city

Echo Brook sat there on the two story train considering getting off on the next train stop and running. She has always known what was coming when she reached her eighteen Birthday although it had always felt like a million miles away.

Echo had prepared for this moment her whole life but sitting on the train with forty other passengers she felt unprepared. She looked around pulling herself out of her thoughts before she convinced herself to do something she would enviably regret. There were two old couples sat across from her chatting causally about anything and everything. Turning around Echo could see a group of teenagers about her age stepping on the train. She could see them perfectly they were laughing about something one of them had just said. Echo saw a look of freedom in their eyes that she knew she would never have. Echo was destined to better things her father had drilled that into her brain when she was younger. She didn't need friends or a social life she had her future and that was worth any friends she made but looking at these teenagers Echo longer for that freedom.

Signing Echo looked away. New York city was coming into view and Echo gasped at the view she had never been out of her small town and now seeing new York in all its glory. it was an amazing view.

The train stopped and Echo knew this was her stop she carefully picked up her bag, straightened her skirt and ran a hand through her stunningly white blonde hair. Echo made it to the door of the train and stepped out. You can do this she thought to herself. 

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