The Edge

Somewhere in the city, a man fell to his death.

When someone dies, they don't come back. That's not how it works, not in New London, not anywhere.

But when the rules don't apply to one man, can he really be safe?


1. The Prologue

Somewhere in the city, a man fell to his death.

Nothing remarkable, you might think, of a stranger’s suicide - not here, not in a big city, not where they're commonplace.

You'd be wrong.

See, the thing that was most remarkable about this man’s death, was that he had done it once before, a century earlier, in a house fire. He had died.

And that was only the death that was on record.

This man had died time and time and again, each time coming back and being the same; the same dull look in his eyes, the same plain clothes, the same heart beating in his chest. Each time, the same rhythm of thumps. B-bump, b-bump, b-bump.

But this time, his soul waiting patiently, sat cross legged next to his own physical corpse, he knew that something was wrong.

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