Light Defeats Dark

Kay never cared for the girl's that would stare at him in the street, gazing at his beauty, as if he were a God. That is until landed on the beach of a new city after his boat had mysteriously sank mid-ocean.
He didn't know where he was, but he did know one thing for sure; these people aren't normal. A different language and bright, yellow eyes surrounded him on the streets. Kidnapped by a group of more normal-looking beings, who call themselves 'Light Bringers', he finds his one and only love that he could never be with unless he joined them.


4. The Light in Cairno

 'This, my friend, is Cairno. The land full of strange beings and you belong here, just like us. We are Light Bringers and when some of those beings -or should I say, creatures- becomes violent or a threat, we take them down. Of course this is a lot to take in, but you must know. Your blood is not ordinary, which is how you can actually come across this island, as normal people -Dorns- couldn't come here if they tried. Your boat sank because one of those creatures got off the island and saw you as its prey, it didn't eat you because of that very mark on your wrist.' Even while telling him all this shocking news, he couldn't get over her beauty. To not make it look as he had just ignored everything she said, he answered, 'My birthmark? What's special about that?'

  'That,' she replied casually, 'is no normal birthmark, all that have Light blood in them have the same one in the same place. See.' She pulled up the sleeve of her leather jacket and he saw the exact same mark he had. As he stared at it, she leaned forward, eyes closed, lips parted. It all felt to be happening in slow motion, as her soft lips caressed his. He pulled her closer as she played with his short, blonde hair. It ended with a loud clear of the throat. Another Light Bringer, who's name appeared to be Hawk -or it was probably a nickname- stood at the door with a look of anger and disappointment towards Penelope.

  He beckoned her to leave the room and spoke to the blushing Kay quietly, now with a calmer, but still strict face, 'Greetings, I apologise for forcedly bringing you here, but you may have resisted more otherwise. Before she started harassing you, Penelope probably told you almost everything, except that we have been watching you for a good few years, hence how we found you. She became attracted to you straight away, as it seems all girls do, but she is the only one to have caught your eye, I see. Well you must know that to pursue a relationship with her, you would have to officially join us in protecting not only Cairno, but the world from danger. Either that or you leave right now and go home, vowing to secrecy about this island and everything it beholds, including us. Staying here would include vigorous training to get you up to speed with the rest of us, but also having to leave your family behind; only to see them every so often by chance. So, what will it be? Stay where you belong or go back to where you feel out of place and miserable?' It should've been a difficult question to answer, one that could take days, maybe weeks to answer.

  'Yes.' But Kay, knew the answer straight away, 'Yes,yes, yes,yes, YES! Since the death of my father, I've felt useless, meaningless and alone. Being part of something could change all that. Yes, I've just been told about this world and yes, I'm still pretty freaked out, but I want to help, if it is my destiny, I must.' Hawk's still face turned into a smirk, 'Then we shall begin.'

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