Light Defeats Dark

Kay never cared for the girl's that would stare at him in the street, gazing at his beauty, as if he were a God. That is until landed on the beach of a new city after his boat had mysteriously sank mid-ocean.
He didn't know where he was, but he did know one thing for sure; these people aren't normal. A different language and bright, yellow eyes surrounded him on the streets. Kidnapped by a group of more normal-looking beings, who call themselves 'Light Bringers', he finds his one and only love that he could never be with unless he joined them.


3. Snatched by my Own

  Kay stumbled on the streets of this unknown place, noticing hundreds of pairs of yellow eyes glaring at him. They looked gentle but at the same time, he was overwhelmed by the oddness of their eyes. Before asking them where he was, he listened to multiple conversations  that made it clear that they were speaking an unusual language that he hadn't heard of. 

  Confused and lost, with no money at all, he just carried on walking, in hope to find a station or tourist desk for help. He went past a small alley and was blind folded and grabbed from behind. The people weren't rough with him, but they were strict in telling him where to go. Considering the circumstances, he was pleased that they spoke to him in English.

  After what seemed like hours, they finally sat him down and took his blindfold off. He was in a bedroom which had yellow walls and a green rug. A tall, thin girl stood in front of him, looking down at him as he sat. She had brown, wavey hair and was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. She had blue eyes, so probably not a native to this place. She spoke with tenderness and warmth, 'Are you hurt?', he was too bewildered to speak, but shook his head. She kept asking if he wanted anything, but he just kept shaking his dizzy head. He found out that her name was Penelope, beautiful, just like her, he thought.

  Finally, he asked her, 'Where are we?' trying to sound calm.

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