Light Defeats Dark

Kay never cared for the girl's that would stare at him in the street, gazing at his beauty, as if he were a God. That is until landed on the beach of a new city after his boat had mysteriously sank mid-ocean.
He didn't know where he was, but he did know one thing for sure; these people aren't normal. A different language and bright, yellow eyes surrounded him on the streets. Kidnapped by a group of more normal-looking beings, who call themselves 'Light Bringers', he finds his one and only love that he could never be with unless he joined them.


1. Just an Average Day

  Jan Hollows opened the curtains in her son's room to let in some sunshine to brighten up the dull room, unsurprised that he wasn't in his bed -or as he usually was, on the floor. She took ten minutes to check through his drawers and cupboards -as she normally did when he wasn't home- to check for anything such as cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. She was always pleased to find nothing, but it also made her worry; he always seemed quiet and depressed, unless he was with his brother who rarely visited, because he was off in the army, just like their father was. Maybe she was over exaggerating; perhaps that's just his personality, which was a shame because he was handsome and smart too. One day he will fall in love, she hoped.

  Kay woke up on his best friend's couch after probably the most boring night he had ever had. His best friend -Josh- went on and on about his ex-girlfriend and their break-up. Kay would've been a bit more sensitive towards him if it hadn't already been three weeks since it happened. He had texted his mother the previous night to tell her that he would stay at his mate's house -not that she cared much.

  Kay has clear memories of last night; going to a club and getting bored to death of girls checking him out, one had even asked him to dance, just to be disappointed with a quick 'no'. Josh was on the look out for a new girlfriend to replace his old, but he thought that Kay was 'messing up his game'.

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