Light Defeats Dark

Kay never cared for the girl's that would stare at him in the street, gazing at his beauty, as if he were a God. That is until landed on the beach of a new city after his boat had mysteriously sank mid-ocean.
He didn't know where he was, but he did know one thing for sure; these people aren't normal. A different language and bright, yellow eyes surrounded him on the streets. Kidnapped by a group of more normal-looking beings, who call themselves 'Light Bringers', he finds his one and only love that he could never be with unless he joined them.


2. A Sinking Feeling

  To get his mind entertained, Kay went to the docks to chill out on his motorboat which was a gift from his late father on his 15th birthday. Tomorrow was going to be its fourth birthday and his 19th. Most people are excited about their birthdays, but not Kay, not since his dad had died in the same war his brother was currently fighting in. 

  Kay jumped in his boat and started sailing, he decided to go East -towards the deep ocean. After about five minutes, the dock was barely visible. There was a cool breeze and the sea was calm which was one of the rare things that made him smile. Before he knew it, he was being thrown out of his boat into the cold sea and couldn't fight the force bringing him further down. Kay was an exceptional swimmer, so he was not only frightened for his life, but surprised that he couldn't save himself. I'm coming to join you dad, not long now was all he could think before he passed out.

  He awoke on sand with a killer headache and no clue where he was. There was blood coming from his arm, but not too much to panic over. He looked out to the sea, the burial ground for his beloved boat.'I'll miss you, Jessy' were his final words for the boat that he'd named Jessy because that was the name of a girl he really liked before the death of his father.

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