The Dead

London at night is scary enough imagine it with ghosts walking around. Chloe is 17 and died in a fire last year, James is 16 but what happens when he gets lost, wonders into a grave yard and accidently raises Chloe from the dead and they become best friends.


5. What I've Missed

The next day James took Chloe out into town so she could see what had changed and what hadn't. First they went to a cafe but nothing had changed there, but they bought a drink anyway. Well James did. Chloe can't eat or drink because she was a ghost.

"I don't get it. Why can't you eat or drink?" asked James.

"Because ghosts don't need to" replied Chloe. After the cafe they went to the British souvenir shop which used to be a book shop. It was quite heartbreaking for Chloe because she bought her first book from there. Chloe decided to buy a souvenir to take to her grave. She chose the classic telephone box which James payed for seeing as ghosts don't carry money. They went round town for what seemed like forever to James, but Chloe wanted to look around and remember. All through the time they were in town their bond as friends became stronger. They then went back to James' house and played some board games but Chloe's hands just went through everything. When James' parents got home from work they pulled James aside and asked what was going on.

"Why doesn't this girl eat or touch anything?" asked his dad.

"Ummm, well", James was well and truely stuck, "she doesn't eat because we ate in town and she doesn't touch anything because ...I need the loo dad, I'll tell you later" said James as it was the first and only thing he could think of, and with that he pulled Chloe by the arm and lead her upstairs.







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