The Dead

London at night is scary enough imagine it with ghosts walking around. Chloe is 17 and died in a fire last year, James is 16 but what happens when he gets lost, wonders into a grave yard and accidently raises Chloe from the dead and they become best friends.


3. The Graveyard

James was strolling home frome school one winter's day. It was very windy and dark, he could hear leaves rustling in th breeze and he couldn't see where he was going. James walked for about twenty minutes and decided he was lost. He walked around the streets of London and wondered into a dark graveyard. He only noticed where he was when he started to see gravestones every where. Then he remembered about Chloe, a girl from his school who had died in a fire a year ago. James knew that she had been buried here so he started to look for her gravestone. James found it after about five minutes and it reminded him about the series of books he was reading. In the second book, the ninth chapter, there was a man who conjured a spell and brought ghosts to life.

James' thoughts were interupted by the ground underneath Chloe's grave shakng and James coud hear screetching in his ears.


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