The Dead

London at night is scary enough imagine it with ghosts walking around. Chloe is 17 and died in a fire last year, James is 16 but what happens when he gets lost, wonders into a grave yard and accidently raises Chloe from the dead and they become best friends.


6. School

The next day was Monday and that meant school. Chloe could not go to school with James because he didn't have any girls uniform, people would recognise her and she couldn't hold any pencils or pens. She would have to stay at James' house. It was very boring for Chloe because she couldn't touch anything or do anything. She started to think, she would have to go back to her grave tonight. She can only come back for two days and she had to tell James at some point. When James fianally got home from school Chloe decided to tell him.

"I have to go back to my grave tonight, I can only be out of my grave for two days".

"How do you get back?" asked James upset.

"You have to say that spell again", replied Chloe. James took her straight away to the grave. He didn't want to say goodbye but he knew he had to.

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