If this story reminds you alot of The Vampire Diaries, it's because I get some of the idea from there, I'm a huge fan of TVD so... Yeah.
Cassandra is 18 and lives with her little brother Max on 15 and her Auntie Emma on 27, suddenly they get a new neighboor which seem a little unusual. People dies, gets hurt, acts weird, but the marks on the people's neck is something Cas have never seen before.


39. The cave.

Louis' P.O.V

As I sat in the livingroom making out with a random chick I found in the street I suddenly heard the front door open, Harry walked in.

Breaking the kiss I stood up facing Harry, "Did the little witch make it?" I asked him.

"She's still working on it." He said dryly pouring himself a glass of vodka.

"Why so serious, just because your humanity is gone, doesn't mean you can't smile to your brother." I smirked as he took a sip from his drink.

He walked over to me and then slammed the glass in my head. I moaned in agony as he grabbed my throat, "You're not my brother." He whispered in my ear before he let go and walked up to his bedroom.

I turned to the lady who looked shocked, the wounds on my forehead faded as I sat back down next to her.

"I'm hungry," I said before looking deeply into her eyes, "Don't scream, it won't hurt." I compelled before biting her neck.

Sucking her blood I suddenly heard it knock on the door. I groaned as I stood up wiping away the blood from my chin. Walking over to the front door I opened it facing Hannah.

"What do you want blondie?" I asked as she stepped inside walking past me.

"Cassandra is gone." She said with a heavy breath.

"What do you mean she's gone?" I asked annoyed.

"I went to the bar with her, but left her at the table to go to the bathroom when suddenly I heard from outside. She was talking to a girl who called her Sasha at first, but when Cas told her, her name, she forced her out of the bar!" She told me.

I spotted Harry making his way downstairs.

"Do you know where they went?" He asked her.

"She said she needed help to bring her mother back or something." She replied as I looked over at Harry.

"Janice.." He whispered as I nodded.

"I'll look for her." Harry said grabbing his jacket.

Cassandra's P.O.V

"What are we doing under the church?" I yelled as she dragged me into some cave thing. I saw alot of dried out bodies sitting on the floor. 

She dragged me to a lady, biting my wrist I moaned in agony as she held my wrist over the lady's mouth.

"Stop! Please!" I shouted but she didn't listen.

"C'mon mom! Wake up!" She begged.

Suddenly she got thrown back, I backed a few steps holding over my wound. I spotted Harry walking over to me.

"You alright?" He asked as I nodded in response.

"Janice." I heard a female voice whisper.

Looking over at the body she was feeding me to I saw that her skin became soft and she moved. Janice walked over to her, "Mom!" She whispered kissing her cheek.

"Quick, get out!" Harry told me as I did what he said.

I ran out of the cave where Hannah, Louis and Missi were.

"Why are you guys here?" I asked them.

Missi sighed and looked down on her book before she told me, "When vampires enters the cave... They can't get out. It needs strong magic." 

My eyes widened as I saw Harry standing inside the cave looking at me.

"You knew you couldn't come out but you went in anyways?" I asked him.

"I had to save you." He said.

"But who's going to save you?" I asked him.

"I'm fine." He told me.

"I'll try to find a spell to bring him out of this cave. But I need very strong magic." Missi told me.

"And why did you save me anyways? You don't love me anymore, remember?" I asked him.

"Is it so hard for you to let someone help you?" He asked raising his voice.

I walked a little closer to the cave, "Yes it is, especially you! You told me that you don't care anymore!" I yelled at him.

But suddenly he grabbed a long iron rod and stabbed me right through the stomach dragging me inside the cave. Pulling the rod out again he pushed me against the wall and bit my neck. He sucked out my blood as I moaned in agony. Suddenly he got pulled back and slammed against the wall on the other side. It was Louis, after he pulled away Harry he pushed me out of the cave. I fell down on my knees holding over the wound on my stomach. Hannah ran over to me, bit her wrist and held her hand in front of me.

"Drink it." She commanded and feeded me her blood.

Shortly my wounds faded, I looked up, Louis stood there.

"Louis.." I whispered and slowly stood up.

"I'll be fine. Just go home and rest." He told me.

"No," I said shaking my head, "I'll help you out." 

He looked over at Hannah and nodded his head toward me, hinting for her to take me home.

Hannah took my hand, "Come on. Missi will help him." She told me starting to walk up the stairs. I sighed and followed her up to the church.

We stepped out of the church and headed home. We sat down on my couch as I started to cry.

"He doesn't care about me anymore." I cried as she hugged me.

"Hey, he does, otherwise he wouldn't have saved you." She whispered stroking my back.

"He hurted me." I cried on her shoulder.

"He isn't himself Cas, his humanity is gone." She told me.

"Louis is right, he won't come back.." I whispered.

"If it's something I know, it is that Louis is never right." She almost yelled.

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