If this story reminds you alot of The Vampire Diaries, it's because I get some of the idea from there, I'm a huge fan of TVD so... Yeah.
Cassandra is 18 and lives with her little brother Max on 15 and her Auntie Emma on 27, suddenly they get a new neighboor which seem a little unusual. People dies, gets hurt, acts weird, but the marks on the people's neck is something Cas have never seen before.


32. 1868

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up in the morning by my phone ringing, groaning I picked it up without checking the callers ID.

"Hello?" I mumbled as I sat up.

"You promised to come back." I heard Zayn's voice say.

"I'm coming." I told him and hung up.

I put on some clothes and walked downstairs as I spotted Cas and Louis on the couch talking.

"Harry." Cas whispered standing up.

I just ignored her walking towards the front door.

"Harry please wait." She begged walking over to me as I turned around.

She just stood there looking into my eyes, "What?" I groaned.

Suddenly she was about to stab me with a vervain syringe, but by my vampire reflexes I grabbed her hand tightning my grip, she dropped the syringe and moaned in agony.

"Think about it twice next time you're going to do anything stupid." I spat and let go of her as I walked out of the door.

Hannah's P.O.V

I was at school washing cars, Cas was late, Missi wouldn't talk to me and neither would Niall. I looked around and spotted Liam walking towards me.

"Hey." He whispered stopping right in front of me.

"Hi." I said placing the cloth back in the bucket.

"I just wanted to apologize for kissing y..." He said before I interrupted him.

"Don't worry about it, I kinda liked it." I smiled as I saw a smile grow on his face.

"And, I know you like me, so it makes it kinda okay." I added as he chuckled.

"Did it make you change your feelings about me?" He asked kinda shyly, rubbing his neck.

"Maybe." I smirked biting my lips.

I spotted Niall making his way over to us. He gave Liam a dirty look hinting for him to walk way. Liam took the hint, "I'll see you later." He said to me and walked away.

"What's up with you two?" He questioned placing his hands in his pockets.

"Oh wow, you're talking to me? What a surprise." I cocked leaning against the car behind me.

"Just answer." He said dryly.

"Why does it have to be anything between me and a guy I'm talking to?" I asked.

"Why not? You usually jump from guy to guy when you get bored." He told me as I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Fuck off, I didn't get bored with you, you got scared after knowing my secret, Obviously you didn't trust me enough to be with me, so blame yourself." I told him and walked away.

I walked into the school, into the girls bathroom and up to the sink, I felt someone sneak up behind me. My face became all vampire as I turned around grabbing his throat slamming him against the wall. I became normal again as I noticed that it was Liam.

"What do you want?" I sighed letting go of him.

"I heard your conversation with Niall." He said as I remembered he was a werewolf, which has also great hearings.

"He's just so confusing sometimes." I said rolling my eyes.

He placed two fingers under my chin as he lifted up my head, kissing my lips I placed my arms around his neck kissing him back. Our tongues touched as he grabbed me by my waist, he leaned me against the wall leaning his body on me. Pulling down my pants I did the same with him, he brought up a condom and put it on before he lifted me up, I placed my legs around his waist as he put his dick inside me, thrusting hard and fast. I moaned in pleasure and buried my nails in his back.

Harry's P.O.V

"Here we are!" I said as we entered the basement in the bar in California.

We walked up to three huge coffins, two small and one huge. Zayn walked over to one of them and opened it, inside was a girl with a stake through her heart.

"Before I pull the dagger out of her heart, there's something I have to tell you." He said walked over to me.

He placed his hand on my shoulder looking deeply into my eyes.

"Before I staked her, you two was together, you were a douche but she fell for you. You made out and had the greatest time. We on the other hand, were best mates, almost like brothers. I want you to remember everything that happened." He compelled me.



I entered the bar in California right after feeding on my 'date', looking around I spotted some of my friends hanging out near the piano. I was about to grab the last drink before a lady took it before me. I turned around checking her out before she faced me.

"Please, help yourself." I smirked as she took a sip from her drink.

"Don't worry, I always do." She said coming towards me.

"Be careful Mr. Styles." She whispered licking my bottom lip, "You're still wearing your date. She's lovely." 

She looked up at me before turning around starting to walk. I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her back.

"Who are you?" I asked as our faces was inches away from eachother.

She brought up her hand, "Melanie Malik." She smirked as I kissed her hand.


We sat near a table making out, I started kissing her neck as my lips suddenly touched something hard. I looked up and held up the necklace that was around her neck.

"That's nice." I whispered.

"A witch gave it to me, she told me it's magical." She told me.

"Well, is it true?" I asked looking into her eyes.

"I fell in love, so you guess." She smirked about to kiss me again before she got pulled up.

"It's late Melanie, we're leaving." I heard a dark voice say.

"Get off me!" She spat as I stood up.

"Who's this guy?" I asked harshly.

"Don't Harry, he'll kill you." Melanie said walking between us, "He's alot stronger than he looks." She cocked as the guy just smirked.

"So this is the famous Harry Styles. I've been hearing so much about you. You're right, he does have a funny hair." The guy chuckled.

"I'm bored, I wanna go home." He said looking at Melanie.

"Then go, I'm not your girlfriend." She said taking a step closer to him.

"No, you're my sister, which means, you're going to do exactly what I tell you to." He said holding her tight on her shoulder.

"Your sister.." I whispered as he nodded in response.

"Zayn Malik, nice to meet you mate." He smirked reaching out his hand.

*Flashback over*

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