I Think I'm Loosing My Mind. By:Cecilia S.

As her bright red lips touched the tip of the blunt , she inhaled deeply to slip away the pain from her mind and set it free.. As she exhaled her eyes widen as she is having a flashback into her past..This is her life ..All she knows and As the high slowly fades away the reality slips in .


1. Where It Begins.

Don't ask questions , Just listen, I'm going to tell you a story of how it felt like the end.. How every little thing in my life is different i know it may seem odd but i'm not normal.

It has been for-seen that i'm Unusual.

It all started when i was born 

My father wasn't there at all an he abused me and my mother when i was a child ,

It was like everything we did was wrong and he didn't even live with us he just came to torture us and then leave .

But that doesn't matter we moved far away hoping to never be hurt by his rage ever again.

years past and now i'm 14  i got sent out of public school and sent to a disciplinary school 

I found my first true love there  we  were together for a year and i fell in-loved with him so madly in-love that i would do anything just to have him.

It was stupid .. and immature .. he cheated and hurt me and lied to me .

But that doesn't matter he's not important anymore.

I turned 15 and that's where it all went down hill I smoked for the first time .. but not cigarettes .. no no something far more wonderful  ..Marijuana , It made me feel the happiest I've ever been in years .. it made me feel like all my troubles have slipped and faded away .. i felt in power , Like a president  who has just been re-elected. My body and my soul was on a vibrate mode , it gave me chills but not bad chills ... An amazing feeling..One that will never be forgotten.

I met a-lot of people in my life that will never be forgotten until i die 

Some to this day are still my best friends , Especially Carolina Jones , She has been there for me during so much.. 

We even had plans to open up a Restaurant , As she inhaled the large cloud of smoke  and passed the blunt over to me i thought about how my life would be and on that day i promised to my self that i would live  a life with no regrets .. And that's what i plan to do.  

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