Leyla had a fairly normal life before she began seeing glimpses of herself around town. Even her friends were becoming confused as to who the real Leyla was. Little did she know that she played a huge role in a war in a world she never even knew about.....until now.


1. Mirror Image

Leyla couldn't help but stare with a mixture of horror and confusion as the mirror image of herself stalked towards her, a malicious smile playing at the corners of its mouth. Leyla couldn't run now, the only way out was behind the projection of herself. The girl continued forward until she stood so close that their noses were almost touching. Now that the girl was closer, Leyla could see that the girl was slightly transparent, like an apparition. Because that's exactly what she was, an apparition. 

"She shouldn't be able to hurt me." Leyla hoped. But that last thread of hope was shattered when the apparition lunged for Leyla's throat, cutting off her air supply and digging her nails into her neck. She knew she had about ten seconds before she would collapse. Leyla clawed at the hand clamped around her neck but her attempts were useless; it was like trying to lift a ton of iron by yourself, it wouldn't budge. 

"You have no idea what world you've walked into." the girl said. Her voice was low and husky, like someone who smoked 2 packs a day.

Suddenly, a bolt of blinding light flashed across her vision and the clawing at her neck became absent. 

Then, a figure standing above her. The person's face was contorted into a grimace, like they smelled something funny. The person bent down to pick her up and Leyla didn't have the strength in her to lash out.

Leyla's vision began to blur. It was only a matter of seconds before she would black out.

"You don't know how lucky you are right now." said a musical, boyish voice above her as the darkness seized her. 




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