Here I was alone with nobody with me, almost killed by a truck but saved by.. by.. someone i did not no... shame I would have thanked him.


1. First and Last Chapter

I was searching through the bins trying to find some food.

Yes I know strange ey. But its what I got to do to live you know!?

But hey, 

I suddenly feel some soft and squishy some thing I thought was edible, and to my luck it was it was a piece of half eaten bread, yum, this was the best catch i've had for days.

I start munching away the taste and the lushness sinks into my stomach, I start to feel normal like I used to be, when I was younger.

I used to live in a loving wealthy family, One Dad, One Mum, Two Sisters, 3 Brothers, my sisters were twins (Alex and Avery), and my to younger brothers were twins (Sam and Tom) and the older one wasn't (Brandon), we were so happy, it was unbelievable, but lifes a rollercoaster, I guess we were just going very very high, so that there would be a even bigger drop. What was, I took my sisters out to a water park, we were all splashing around having fun, suddenly a gunshot was shot and it hit Avery's leg, and as we walked all the way up to the park, we had to walk back down, Alex help Avery, all the way, we were coming to a crossing, and I raced along, I looked Right and then to left, and signaled them to come forward, suddenly a truck merged from no where, and was heading to my sisters, I screamed stop, but I was too late, and thats what broke up my family, the two boy twins went with my dad, and Brandon with my mom, they didn't want me so they dumped me out in the streets, but I remembered my sisters screams and never have they left my mind.

I was awoken from my trance by the sound of a honk, 

I felt something wet crawl down my cheek, a tear.

I couldn't stand my life I cut myself daily with whatever I could find. 

But I made a promise to myself, that whatever happens, never to give up, because you never know, my life rollercoaster may suddenly go up again, and I may be as happy as I was.

I looked from across the street and saw someone dumped a uneaten hot dog, wow this must be my lucky day with food. 

I quickly got up and ran to the road, but this time, I didn't check left to right, I just need that hotdog! I ran across half way, until I heard honk basically next to me, I screamed when I saw the truck centimeters away from me. suddenly I felt some strong arms around my waist and running across the street, I looked up to see a very cute looking man, with blonde Hair and brown roots with dazzling blue eyes. He put me down and smiled I breathtaking smile and ran away without giving me time to say 'Thank You'.

I sat on the bench and shut my eyes, trying to take it all in. Maybe my story doesn't have a bad ending after all.

2 Months later.....

A lot of things have happened since the almost death accident, I got a job at Maisy!, I earned myself a flat, and eat decent food, It's strange thinking that only 2 months ago I was out on the street scavenging for food, I guess the man who saved me inspired me, it kind of gave me the urge to move on from my sisters, not to forget them! but to move on from the death of my twins. But the main thing that keeps me going is that I know that my twins are still with me in my heart.

I am at the moment, searching through my wardrobe searching for acceptable clothes, my eyes were scanning everything, until I found a perfect outfit, some pantie's and a bra! (Of course) and a mini skirt, with a cute belly button short tight t-shirt. I but on some Converse, and sped out.

As I was walking down towards Maisy's I heard a sudden call of help.

I rushed over to where I heard the sound.

I was surprised that I was the only person that came to help.

I saw a young man about my age (20), being strangled, by a 42 year old.

I stood then in shock of what I was seeing.

I suddenly yelled '' Hey why don't you pick on someone your own size"

The older man grunted. "I would, why don't you go get me one sweetcakes"

I stared at him in disbelief, thats it, NO ONE, but... NO ONE, calls me sweetcakes.

I start to rummage through my bag. I always carry a gun, its just something i do, I guess I caught it of my mom, she used to do it all the time.

Once I found it I got out my phone and dialled the police,

I pretended to walk away whilst I was talking to the police.

"Hello?. yes!. and man being strangled by an elder. yes. please hurry. bye"i dumped my phone in my bag.

"ay, you, I'd advise you step away, its loaded" I said, I looked at the man, he was going paler.

He grunted again "what you gonna do sweety call the cops shoot me"

I smiled at his question, "Yes I've called the cops, and I could shoot you"

He suddenly froze, but slowly a wicked grin grew across his face "You're trying to scare me"  I suddenly shot the gun two times above his head.

I ran towards him, and held the gun at his forehead, and whispered in his ear "I'm afraid" 

He suddenly pulled away from the man and started running away, but as if right on cue, the police men come and grab him.

But I quickly turn my attention back to the man, 

I removed the rope from his neck, and I placed my ear onto his chest he was breathing fine, and I just did slight pumping. I swear I knew him from somewhere?

His eyes fluttered open and a pair of dazzling blue eyes appear, it was him, the man who rescued me.

"Heya, remember me?" I said softly 

He looked up at me and said, "Sure do" 

I slowly stood up and offered him my hand, he took it and heaved himself up.

"Thanks" he said

"Anytime" I replied with a smile.

"Oh not that, thanks for saving my life!" He beamed

"Well I was a bit resistant at first, but then I thought might as well" I said jokingly

but then added " I guess we are equal with the whole life saving thing ey"

" Yeah, erm, I hope you don't mind if we exchange numbers this time?" I saw him blush a bit, how cute!

"Any place, and day, and time" we exchanged phones and typed in our numbers.

I was just aout to walk away, when the man quickly said, "You forgot to tell me your name!"

I turned around and said, "Trixie Anturqe"

He smiled, "I'm Niall....... Niall Horan" .






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