Worth Fighting For [1D]

No one ever talks to Emma. She's the girl that sits in the back of the classroom, unseen and unheard. And she's fine with that. Until she wins a contest to get noticed by One Direction. everything changes when she becomes best friends with them, and maybe something more with a certain blue eyed, Irish blonde. Suddenly she's getting death threats from jealous, being bullied and cyberbullied, tormented by her peers. But is she worth fighting for?


1. Just Another Day

Emma's POV

Every day is a struggle. Especially five days out of the week, a tortuous, awful place known as school. I walked down the halls to my next class, my books clutched to my chest. Everywhere I went, I saw people with friends. Talking, laughing, hugging. It wasn't fair. I had nobody. Suddenly a girl bumped into me. She was taller, older-looking, with perfect makeup and hair. This could only be one girl. McKenzie Foster. I gasped as all my books fell to the ground. 

She barely even looked at me as she mumbled a "sorry" that had no meaning. I might as well be invisible. Then she ran down the hallway, laughing at something that her equally gorgeous friend had said. I sighed and picked up my books, stopping in the middle of the hallway. People stepped around me, not even acknowledging me. I was used to it by now. After I had gathered all my books, I tucked my long blond hair behind my ear, squared my shoulders, and braced myself for walking into the next class. Just as I did, the bell rang.

"Cutting it a bit close aren't we... um...," the teacher blanked, forgetting my name. 

"Emma," I told her quietly, studying my feet. A few people giggled and my cheeks burned. 

"Right. Emma. Please, have a seat." the teacher gestured to the row of desks and then began reading from her book. "Okay, now that everyone's here, we'll begin our lesson. Please turn to chapter 34 in your textbook...," 

As I made my way down the row of desks to my assigned seat, I saw people looking at me, smirking, whispering to the person next to them. I knew they were talking about me, so I tried to ignore it. I was used to it by now. I tried to remind myself that it wasn't me, it was them, and I didn't even know why they were doing this, but the reason was probably stupid, like what shirt I was wearing today or something. I glanced down at my white I LOVE ONE DIRECTION sweatshirt that I had gotten during one of their concerts my aunt had taken me to. I'd begged her so hard that she just got us tickets to shut me up.

I was a huge Directioner. I loved everything about One Direction, from their looks to their songs to their personalities and inside jokes. I could recite everything I knew about each one of them. Some people would call me a nerd for liking them so much. I wasn't obsessed or anything, but I loved them, and they were probably the main reason I was still alive. 

I sat down at my usual seat and pulled out my textbook. As I did, it slipped out of my hands clattered to the ground with a huge sound. All eyes turned my way and the teacher stopped talking, obviously shocked. I focused on the wood pattern on my desk and traced it with my finger, trying to ignore the fact that everyone was still staring at me, whispering and giggling. I slowly picked up the book, letting my long hair shield my face so no one could see my expression. 

"Emma, that's an automatic detention after school today," the teacher scolded, glaring at me. 

"oooh," someone said. Everyone laughed. 

I started to protest. "But that's not fair, it slipped out of my hands, I couldn't control it," I tried to explain. I couldn't believe that this was happening. This had to be one of the worst days I'd ever had. I'd never gotten in trouble with a teacher before. It was something I prided myself on, though I wasn't a nerd. And now... over the most stupid situation I'd ever heard of... I got detention? What the hell was I going to tell my aunt, who lived with me since my parents died two years ago? She was not exactly the most understanding person I'd ever met. Neither, apparently was this teacher. 

"I don't care, and I don't want to hear your excuses. For disrupting the class during a very important lesson, you get detention for two hours after school today. Is that clear?" 

All eyes were on me. "Clear," I mumbled. 

"Okay. Everyone, back to the lesson...," 

Suddenly the intercom buzzed. "Emma Springs, please report to the office," the principal's voice said. My eyes widened and everyone turned to stare at me again. Whispers buzzed around the whole room. I glared, mad at the world, my cheeks burning. What now? This day just keeps on getting better and better, doesn't it? 

"I suppose you can go," the teacher said. 

"Gladly," I snapped angrily, at my breaking point. I grabbed my stuff and practically ran out of the room. I couldn't wait for this day to be over. 



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