Worth Fighting For [1D]

No one ever talks to Emma. She's the girl that sits in the back of the classroom, unseen and unheard. And she's fine with that. Until she wins a contest to get noticed by One Direction. everything changes when she becomes best friends with them, and maybe something more with a certain blue eyed, Irish blonde. Suddenly she's getting death threats from jealous, being bullied and cyberbullied, tormented by her peers. But is she worth fighting for?


3. A Week Later...

Emma's POV

Beep beep. Beep beep.

"Shut up alarm," I groaned as my hand reached from under the covers to silence the damn thing. I snuggled back under the covers to sleep a bit more. Five minutes later, the annoying sound started again. My eyes flew open and I grit my teeth. I really had to get up, or I'd be late to school. As stupid as it is, and as much as I hate it, I've never missed a day of school, or been late for it. Sad, right? I know. 

I turned the alarm off and swung my legs over the side of the bed, walking to my bathroom to take a shower. I stripped off my pajamas and turned on the water, then hopped inside. The warm water immediately refreshed me as it poured down on my hair and body. I began singing "Little Things" which was my favorite One Direction song.

I've sung since I was little, but only in the shower. If anyone else heard me I'd be mortified. Then, after my shower was done I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around myself, and blowdried my hair. My hair was very light blonde, and reached down to my butt. I've been growing it out since forever. It was a pain to take care of though. I liked to wear it down.

I washed my face and put on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara around my aquamarine-colored eyes. Not a lot, just enough to perk up my face. I didn't pile it on like most of the girls in my school. The guys never noticed me though, so it didn't really matter if I did or not. Still, I liked to feel good about myself, even though most of the time at school I totally didn't. 

After that, with my towel still wrapped around me, I walked over to my closet to choose what I was going to wear. I didn't have many clothes because my aunt hated me, and didn't buy me a lot of things. I pretty much had to pay for anything I wanted, which sucked. I was seventeen, and I really needed to get a job soon. 

I decided on a feminine white tank top with lace and ruffles, and faded light blue denim shorts. I put on my favorite pair of flats and then glanced at myself in the mirror. I was tall, slim but curvy in all the right places. I took after my mom in that way, and the tallness I got from my dad. Sometimes I thought I was freakishly tall. I overheard people calling me a giant the other day, a group of guys that were kind of cute. Even though I know I was pretty, people still didn't like me. They saw me as a freak with no friends. 

Most of the time I was happy going solo. But I had to admit it was lonely when nobody bothered to talk to you or even say hi. 

At least in a few days, I'd get to hang out with One Direction. Maybe then, because of that, people would start noticing me. But it's not like One Direction would ever like me. Niall, my absolute favorite (although I love all of them to pieces) only likes pretty, interesting girls. In my opinion, I'm not pretty or interesting. I'm just me. Emma. The girl everyone ignores. I sighed and wished that one day things would be different.

After I finished analyzing my reflection, I grabbed my backpack and raced down the stairs. I was ten minutes late. This is the first time that's ever happened. Oh well. I found my aunt Georgia getting ready for work. She works at a huge, competitive company and dresses like she's the shit every day. I smiled at her, just to be polite, as I walked into the kitchen. As I grabbed an apple, I heard her voice from behind me, calling my name. "Emma?" she barked. I internally groaned and then turned around, trying to keep my face from showing her that I was pissed. I'd just smiled at her, and then she'd practically yelled my name. Like really, what did I do now? 

"Yes?" I asked, keeping my voice light as I bit into the apple.

"You're eleven minutes late for school. Is there a reason?" she asked, pursing her lips. 

I took in a breath to control my anger and pasted on a completely fake smile. Eleven minutes? What the hell? I knew I've never been late before, but she doesn't have to get all anal about it. "Yeah, I just overslept." 

"I can tell," she replied snarkily, looking me up and down. My smile faded as anger boiled inside of me. I drew in a sharp breath as I glared at her. That was the last straw. I know she had something against me for I don't even know what, but that didn't mean she had to act like a total bitch to me. After all I've been through, my parents dying, no one liking me at school... she acts like I'm just a complication in her oh-so-perfect life. I'm so sick of this. She was my legal guardian, but she sure didn't act like it. She has no right to speak to me this way.

"Excuse me?" I snarl. She just smirks and gets back to her paperwork. "Go to school darling," she says in a flat voice. My fists clench as they tremble with anger. Before I know what I'm doing, I lunge for her coffee on the table and purposely spill it all over her paperwork and expensive work clothes. She looks absolutely shocked. 

"You have no right to talk to me that way," I hiss through clenched teeth. "You're supposed to take care of me. I guess I'm just another complication to you."

"How dare you," she said, looking horrified and appalled. 

I just smirked as I started to walk out the door. "I'm going to school now, bye." With that, I slammed the door behind me. I just know I'm going to get hell for that when I come home. But I have to get through a whole 'nother day of school first.



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