Visit - City of Bones - 24h

Joshua is sent to New York to eliminate the threat that Cassandra Clare has made by exposing the Downworld. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him. (for City of Bones 24 hour contest)


4. What is this feeling?

I suddenly feel a hand jabbing my ribs, as I'm pushed away from where I was previously standing. What's going on?

Joshua is pushed by Lara off of the street and falls into a crowd walking on the sidewalk. The street light turns green and suddenly time is back to normal. The crowd that Joshua was pushed into disperses and crosses the street. The truck which had been a threat to Joshua's life a few seconds ago, suddenly stopped. The shock on the driver's face was as if he'd seen a ghost. He looked around but didn't see anything but just to be sure he got out of his truck and checked.

Joshua stared at the truck driver, he had absolutely no idea what just happened. But, he suddenly noticed the hand that was holding his wrist very tightly. Lara hadn't let go of him, but in the process of saving his life, she'd passed out, but not let go of his hand. Joshua looked at this person who was holding him so tightly, and noticed that she was wearing a timer watch just like him. Only hers started a few seconds after his.

The Council must have sent her. I wonder who this person is. Holding me so tight.

He shook her, trying to wake her up but he couldn't. She wasn't getting up, so Joshua made himself stand up and pulled her into his arms. When he finally looked at her face he was captivated. His heart started pounding, his pulse raced and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He didn't even notice the people who had to walk around him screaming and cursing at him to get out of their way.
It wasn't until she slowly started to open her eyes, that he was snapped out of it. It felt like something inside of him clicked.

I can't stop looking at her. My chest, it hurts when I keep looking at her. This... What is this feeling?

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