Visit - City of Bones - 24h

Joshua is sent to New York to eliminate the threat that Cassandra Clare has made by exposing the Downworld. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him. (for City of Bones 24 hour contest)


3. Suspicion

'Lara, we need you to help Joshua' the Council representative told Lara. Lara had been called upon because she was a shadowhunter who was working alongside Cassandra, atleast before she betrayed everybody.

'What do you need me to do?' Lara questioned him.

The Council representative shared a glance with the other members, and nodded slightly. 'We hope you can help him search for Cassandra and aid him to strip her of her sight.

'Okay, I will' I said, pretending not to notice the exchange of glances that had just taken place. The oldies are up to something. What? What could it be? I can't even do anything about it. So, why do I even bother...

Lara walks towards the portal that Joshua had gone through and arrived at Time Square. When she goes through a thousand thoughts run through her head. She has this distinct feeling that the Council is up to something. Before she notices it, because she's lost in these thoughts, she arrived at the exact place where Joshua was transported to. She looked around and noticed someone standing on the street almost being hit by a truck which was coming right at him. She looked at him, and held her breath. She was captivated by how beautiful he looked. She couldn't take his eyes off of him, and time suddenly slowed down.The truck that was coming at such a high speed towards him suddenly took ages. Lara snapped herself out of her trance and ran towards him to save him from what was going to happen if he'd stood there a second longer.

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