Visit - City of Bones - 24h

Joshua is sent to New York to eliminate the threat that Cassandra Clare has made by exposing the Downworld. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him. (for City of Bones 24 hour contest)


5. Encounter

In this manner they kept staring at each other. Their time watches ticking away. Joshua was finally pulled out of this trance when an old woman hit him with her umbrella telling him to get out of her way.

Lara's face flushed red, so did Joshua's when he noticed that he was still holding her. He quickly put her on her feet and asked whether she was okay and didn't get hurt.

'Don't worry about me. I'm fine. What about you?' Lara asks him. Joshua brushes some dust off his clothes and says he's fine. They get talking and Joshua learns why she's there.

'So, how are we supposed to start looking for this Cassandra?' Joshua asks her.

'Have you thought of checking her twitter?' Lara asks and Joshua turns up blank. He doesn't even know what that is. 'Facebook?' but Joshua keeps silent. 'Her website?' Lara sighs and Joshua turns even more red (if that's possible) than he already was, clearly embarrassed at his lack of knowledge about this world. She takes out her phone and it doesn't even take her two minutes to find out where Cassandra is.

'Let's go' Lara says holding out her hand to Joshua.

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