Dimples & Laugh Lines


3. Work

I remembered about work after Niall left. "Oh shiz!" I said when I looked at the table and saw my schedule. I looked at it.


8/27  2:00 TO 6:15

That was all I saw as I skimmed through the page. "Oh God. One hour? You have to be freaking kidding me!" I said after I looked at the clock. I suddenly remembered my hair was still in the towel when I walked past the mirror in the hallway. "I still have to dry my hair?!" I said to no one as I jogged into the bedroom. I looked in the closet, searching for my uniform. I finally found my green skirt, white blouse, and orange waitress apron. I put them on, dried my hair, put it in a messy bun. I redid my make up, grabbed my shoes and keys, and ran out the door. I almost drove off without locking it. I put on my white flats. I turned the key in the ignition. I backed my blue Ford pick up out of the driveway. As I neared the interstate, I turned on the radio. Niall's band's hit song came on. I laughed, Niall sang this to me while he played guitar all the time.

I decided to sing along horribly. "You don't know your beautiful! That's what what makes you beautiful!" It ended all too soon. I arrived at the Irish pub where I worked. Wonderful memories filled my mind. God Niall eats so much, yet he doesn't even gain a pound. We met here, therefore I love working here even more.

"Hey Melissa! I'm here!" I yelled into the kitchen after I entered the employee doors in the back. "Heyo Em! Table 2 needs to order!" She yelled from her office. "On my way!" I told her as I passed her office after I got my order pad. 

I walked over to table 2. "Hey! I'm Emma, I'll be your waitress today, what can I get y'all for drinks?" I said with a smile. 


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