Dimples & Laugh Lines


1. A Nightmare

I ran through the crowd, trying to get away. I took a chance and looked behind me. Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea! There he was, his brown curly locks all over the place from chasing me. I looked forward, only to trip on my own two feet. My hands were stinging from the fall. I scrambled up and started running again. He was right behind me. "Help!" I screamed as he grabbed me.

I woke up in a cold sweat. The nightmare felt so real. My boyfriend was lying next to me, his hair was all over the place. I shook his shoulder softly. "Niall, snowflake, wake up babe." I whispered in his ear. He stirred and mumbled, "Umm... Pancakes?" I giggled and somehow found my way out of his grasp. I went over to our dresser. I pulled out the necessities, bra, panties and my emergency pack of beef jerky. You know, for his hungry mornings. I took out a piece and put it in front of Niall's nose.

"Jerky, marry me?" He said and tried to grab it. I laughed at his silliness. "Get out of bed Niall, and I will make waffles and that berry syrup you like. C'mon. Time to get up." I told him. "Gimmi the jerky, please?" He asked and looked at me. "Okay, go get it." I told him and threw It toward the bathroom. "Fine." He said and got out of bed. I giggled. He was wearing the four leave clover boxers and "I'm an Irishman, Where's the Beer?" T-shirt I got him last March on St. Patrick's Day. 

He walked toward the bathroom, turned around and flipped me off. "Really, Niall? It was just a piece of beef jerky." I said and pulled my long strawberry colored hair into a ponytail.  "It wasn't a piece of jerky, it was the piece of jerky!" He said picking it up and taking a bite. "EEWWW! Emma, it tastes like soapy water!" He told me spitting it out. "You act so stupid in the morning, Niall. You know that right?" I told him while I walked through the bathroom door to take a shower.

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