False Alarm

24 Hour Contest


2. Escape

    The sides of the room was nothing but plain white. No marks of cobwebs nor scratches, not even visible dirt; probably they repainted it several times a day. Crazy. I thought. But that's not what matters, but how I arrived in this place, being carried to sit on a settee with four armed people around.

    Thank God I'm not claustrophobic. I thought. 

    "Hey!" I shouted. 

    "Shut up." Someone retorted. Ouch

    Suddenly, like a bolt of lighting a muscular but not quite tall tanned guy came into view and without hesitation he landed himself in front of the guard farthest from me, had him knocked-off balance as he held the guy's hair and banged it against the wall nearly breaking his head. Using his approximately ten seconds of surprising period to the guards, he kicked the abdomen of the guard that shut me up a while ago. That's what you get. I thought as I glared and all of a sudden he is covered in flames and he shrieked out. I backed off, recalled the images of Hazel's dead body in the airport. 

    A hand held my wrist so tight that it caused me jumping. It was Jasper, halfway he dragged me along with him with no consideration of my slow speed. Zigzags and different passages. Once I almost kissed the wall and another I almost kissed the floor. Ew. However, I continued my pace until a closed door greeted us. Jasper broke free from the grip, turned backwards and started to kick the knob until it gave way. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a car rested before us. Not until when Jasper pulled me in that I realized it was meant for our escape. 

   Finally I exhaled.  

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